The House of Kadmos at Thebes, Greece: The Excavations of A. D. Keramopoullos


ACLS Fellowship Program


Lindner Center for Art History


This study examines a significant but long-neglected site of prehistoric Greece, the so-called House of Kadmos in Thebes (aka ‘Old Kadmeion’). The project is based on 10 years of field work at the site (1997-2007), which involved re-excavation, architectural documentation, systematic cataloguing of finds, and archival work on the early twentieth-century excavation diaries. The study is intended as a source of primary information for future research and the first interpretative synthesis of the site and assemblage. The project refines knowledge of Theban and Greek prehistory in general and illuminate broader aspects of Aegean prehistoric societies: e.g. state and the elite, production, administration and trade, and ideological and political uses of visual culture.