West Coast Minimalism: Art in Southern California, Art in New York, and the Nature of Visual Perception in Modern Sculptural Practice, 1958-1972


Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in American Art


Art and Art History Department


This study describes and evaluates the issues, problems, and debates driving the development of 1960s’ West Coast Minimalism through three major approaches. First, it establishes areas of correspondence and contrast among West Coast Minimalists, since both analyses are lacking in current scholarship. Second, it examines similarities, differences, and distinctions of degree between Minimalism on the West Coast and Minimalism in New York. Third, as writing on this period shifts from art criticism to art history, this study integrates West Coast Minimalism--and Minimalism as a whole--into the history of twentieth-century American modernism, thereby restoring and preserving the latter’s heterogeneity.