A Semiotic Investigation of Àwòrò-Ò?sé? and Ìsinrò Festivals among the Ìlá-Ò?ràngún Ìgbómìnà People


African Humanities Program Dissertation Fellowships


Linguistics and African Languages


This field-oriented research identifies and classifies the socio-semiotic features of the Àwòrò-Òsé and Ìsìnrò festivals as a proper examination of the ideology underlying the use of symbolism, indices, codes ,and icons within the context of performances at the festivals. The study also finds a measure for determining the structures and sequence of the festivals, while evaluating the effects of modernization on the festivals. Creating a poetic map of the performances within the festivals among the Ìlá-Ò?ràngún, Ìgbómìnà people is essential to this study for proper projection into the relevance of the continuation and preservation of the various processes of their festivals within the community, and by the larger Ò?sun State government. A semiotic investigative mode of research with a methodology that rests solely on a combination of an eye-witness account and an open ended oral interview of the key performers and some other relevant people within Ìlá-Òràngún, following an application of an eclectic approach for a final analysis is intended.