Funding Priorities

Investment in New Knowledge

Research fellowships are an important means of supporting scholarly knowledge in the humanities and thus, one priority for increased investment. Each year we receive thousands of outstanding proposals from scholars working in and across a wide range of disciplines and areas of study. To tap into this potential, we seek to raise funds both for immediate use and to create endowments to support fellowships in vibrant new fields of study.

Beyond the US Academy

ACLS promotes humanistic scholarship in the public sphere and abroad. Our programs in sub-Saharan Africa and eastern Europe are only our latest efforts to encourage and strengthen scholarly communities outside the United States, work we plan to continue vigorously. We encourage scholars to share the fruits of their research with multiple audiences, from the national media to their local communities. Public engagement on the part of scholars—including senior faculty—is not at odds with the conduct of basic research. Support for scholarly engagement with the pressing issues of our time serves the needs of society and invigorates the academy.

Broadening Access

We aim to support more scholars from across the whole spectrum of American higher education. Working with faculty and leaders at community colleges and other less well-resourced institutions, we are creating new programs that provide focused grants for travel or startup research, support opportunities to enhance collaboration and  intellectual networking, and encourage innovative applications of research in the classroom. 

Building Capacity for Greater Service

Planning for a new century of service, ACLS is mindful of sustainability. The campaign is to invest in building the organizational capacity of ACLS and, by  extension, that of its scholarly societies. We have seen tremendous growth in programs without a proportionate growth in staffing, technology, and infrastructure, including fund-raising and communications capabilities. ACLS has built trust among a range of insti-tutional and individual networks devoted to scholarship in the humanities. To forge connections among them and to develop and maintain programs that connect and serve them, ACLS needs to have the capacity to convene, analyze, amplify, raise funds, and implement valued programs. This central capacity to enable the i nfrastructure for humanistic scholarship benefits from support beyond the transient funds associated with particular grants.