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Nancy J. Hirschmann F'17, F'90

Nancy J. Hirschmann

Political Science
University of Pennsylvania
last updated: 12/17/18

ACLS Fellowship program 2017
Political Science
University of Pennsylvania
Freedom, Power, and Disability

Disabled people are often considered by definition as extremely limited in their freedom because they are supposedly unable to do a wide variety of things. Examining political theories of freedom from the seventeenth century to the twenty-first and comparing them to concrete experiences of disability written by scholars in a wide range of disciplines, this project argues that disability facilitates a reimagining of what freedom means on a variety of levels, from what counts as an obstacle or barrier; to how desires are constructed, produced, and expressed; to the role of the body in the formation of the will. How relations of power shape the complex real-life experiences of disability is key to understanding the concept of freedom.

Research Fellowships for Recent Recipients of the PhD Degree 1990
Assistant Professor
Cornell University
"Your Most Humble Servant": the gender politics of John Locke


Subject of Liberty: Toward a Feminist Theory of Freedom. Princeton University Press, 2003.