National Council on Public History

Founded: 1979    Admitted to ACLS: 2002
The National Council on Public History (NPCH) inspires public engagement with the past and serves the needs of practitioners in putting history to work in the world by building community among historians, expanding professional skills and tools, fostering critical reflection on historical practice, and publicly advocating for history and historians.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

Stephanie Rowe
Executive Director
National Council on Public History


Alexandra Lord
Smithsonian Institution
term ends 12/31/2022


Gregory E. Smoak
University of Utah
term ends 3/26/2022


Individual: 1600

Institutional: 350


3/23/2022 - 3/26/2022 Montreal, Canada
4/12/2023 - 4/15/2023 Atlanta, GA
4/10/2024 - 4/13/2024 Salt Lake City, UT