Ellen Muehlberger F'13

Ellen  Muehlberger
Assistant Professor
Near Eastern Studies and History
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
last updated: 2/19/2019

Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships 2013
The Moment of Reckoning: Death and Violence in Late Ancient Christian Culture

This project describes a trope that emerged in Christian culture after the start of the fourth century CE. It is well known that in the cultural environment established by the legalization of Christianity, late ancient Christians produced elaborate historical narratives that emphasized their identity with martyrs of the previous two centuries. At that same time, however, Christians were also focusing their intellectual and literary attention on the moments immediately before and after death, investing the subjective experience of death with emotional and moral weight. This new Christian conception of death as a moment of reckoning supported yet another novel development in late ancient Christian culture: the adoption of force to dominate others, particularly religious opponents.