Vladimir Kulic F'13

Vladimir  Kulic
Associate Professor
School of Architecture
Iowa State University

ACLS Fellowship Program 2013
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies Fellow

Assistant Professor
School of Architecture
Florida Atlantic University
Building Between Empires: Yugoslav Architecture in the Cold War Networks

The project explores the international exchange of architectural culture in the Cold War by focusing on socialist Yugoslavia, an unusual place that experienced both Sovietization and Americanization before settling in between as a leader of the non-aligned world. It examines Yugoslavia as a conduit of cultural transfer between the First, Second, and Third Worlds and analyzes how architectural representations typically associated with high modernism and postmodernism were persistently transformed and reassigned new meanings. It proposes that Yugoslavia participated in an alternative globalization, different from both the American and Soviet global projects, and that architecture opens a uniquely comprehensive view of the cultural, ideological, technological, and economic aspects of that process.