Maud S. Mandel F'08

Maud S. Mandel
History and Judaic Studies
Williams College

ACLS Fellowship Program 2008
Associate Professor
History and Judaic Studies
Brown University
Beyond Antisemitism: Muslims and Jews in France, 1948-2007

“Beyond Antisemitism” seeks to understand the complex history that has brought French Jews and Muslims into conflict since 2000. Moving beyond explanations that reduce tensions solely to a by-product of the Arab/Israeli conflict or to a centuries’ long hatred between Islam and Judaism, the study investigates how France's colonial past, minority policies, and political culture have shaped ethno-religious politics in France throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. By untangling the misunderstood relationship between Muslims and Jews, “Beyond Antisemitism” sheds new light on ethno-religious integration in France and provide insight into one of the most troubling ethnic conflicts of our times.