Past Programs

ACLS Humanities Program in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

The ACLS Humanities Program in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine (HP BRU) was established in academic year 1998-99 with funding from Carnegie Corporation of New York. The principal activity was distribution of grants to individuals in these three countries. ACLS worked closely with scholars in the region who represent a variety of disciplines: they advised on program design and helped distribute publicity and review applications. The review process included prescreening by scholars in the United States. Final decisions on awards were made by the Selection Committee.

The program’s mission was to ensure continued leadership in the humanities in the former Soviet Union through direct support to individuals doing exemplary work.  In 2007, the Carnegie Corporation and ACLS, helped advisers to the Humanities Program found the International Association for the Humanities (IAH) as an independent organization of humanities scholars primarily in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine to act as a bridge between  the post-Soviet region and the  worldwide scholarly community.  In 2010-11 and 2011-12 IAH conducted  competitions for short-term grants on the model of the ACLS Humanities Program. 

The ACLS Humanities Program in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine awarded projects in humanities fields such as history, archaeology, literature, linguistics, film studies, art history and studies of the performing arts, ethnographic and cultural studies, gender studies, philosophy, and religious studies. In the 12 years of the program's existence (1999-2010), 743 awards were made for project grants and publication: 55 in the first year (for project grants only), 91 in 1999-2000, 71 in 2000-01, 81 in 2001-02, 79 in 2002-03, 58 in 2003-04, 56 in 2004-05, 53 in 2005-06, 52 in 2006-07, 56 in 2007-08, 54 in 2008-09, and 37 in 2009-10, the final year. (See Awardees and Reports).