Thirty-Eight Scholars from Sub-Saharan Africa Named Fellows of the African Humanities Program


The African Humanities Program (AHP) awarded 11 dissertation fellowships and 27 postdoctoral fellowships to applicants from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. Selections were made from a pool of 345 applicants in a rigorous peer review process by 74 scholars at African universities.  A generous Carnegie Corporation of New York grant to ACLS for AHP provided more than $600,000 in one-year stipends to the selected fellows.  In addition to research and writing, fellowships make possible residential stays at six institutes for advanced study in sub-Saharan Africa. The residencies offer time and space for completing projects in a stimulating intellectual atmosphere.

The projects funded this year represent a wide array of disciplines, from music, and performing arts, to history, archaeology, anthropology, and linguistics.  Fellows will employ humanistic approaches to contemporary issues such as “Religious Transnationalism and the Quest for Physical and Spiritual Healing: The Case of Cameroonian Migrants in Cape Town,” “Sharing the Burden of Testimony after the Genocide in Rwanda,” and “Spirituality and Youth Militancy in the Niger Delta.” Recent history will be examined in “Shifting Dynamics of Strike Violence, Solidarity and Worker Insurgency: A Case of the Platinum Belt 1982-2015.” The deeper past will be explored in “Archaeological Investigation of Early Swahili Burial Practices at Pangani Bay on the Northern Tanzania Coast.”

Read more about the 2016 AHP Fellows and their projects here:

AHP Dissertation Fellows
AHP Postdoctoral Fellows

Application materials for the upcoming competition (2016-17) are available on the program’s page: The program is open to humanities scholars in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. The deadline for the 2016-17 competition is November 2, 2016.