Awards Announced for Charles A. Ryskamp and Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship Competitions


The American Council of Learned Societies is pleased to announce the results of the 2014-15 Charles A. Ryskamp and Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship competitions. These two programs, generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, support scholars who are embarking on ambitious, large-scale research projects at critical stages in their academic careers.

"The Ryskamp Fellowship affords exceptionally promising early-career scholars the time and flexibility to pursue significant new projects," said John Paul Christy, director of Public Programs at ACLS. "From penetrating investigations into the racialized conceptions of voice and popular music to innovative perspectives on Byzantine and early modern religious art, this year’s 12 fellows are forging exciting and consequential pathways for humanities scholarship." Since 2002, ACLS's Ryskamp Fellowships have supported advanced assistant professors and untenured associate professors in the humanities whose scholarly contributions have advanced their fields and who have well-designed plans for new research. The fellowship is named in honor of the late Charles A. Ryskamp, distinguished library and museum director, literary scholar, and long-serving trustee of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The Burkhardt Residential Fellowships, launched in 2000, are named for Frederick Burkhardt, president emeritus of ACLS, whose decades of work on The Correspondence of Charles Darwin exemplify scholarly dedication to a demanding and ambitious research enterprise. "The immediate post-tenure years are a time for emerging leaders in their field to break new ground and develop new approaches that will have lasting impact," said ACLS Director of Fellowship Programs Matthew Goldfeder. "For fellows to spend an academic year in residence at a national residential research center provides them the opportunity to reach more broadly across disciplines and expand the significance of their research for the humanities and social sciences."

The 2015 Charles A Ryskamp Fellows and project titles:

  • Edward G. Baring (Assistant Professor of History, Drew University) Phenomenology: The Making of a Continental Philosophy
  • Jessica A. Boon (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Spanish Passion: Jesus, Mary, and the Jews in the Castilian Religious Imagination, 1480-1540
  • Nina Sun Eidsheim (Assistant Professor of Musicology, University of California, Los Angeles) Measuring Race: Listening to Vocal Timbre and Vocality in African-American Music
  • Linford Fisher (Assistant Professor of History, Brown University) Land of the Unfree: Indians, Africans, and the World of Colonial Slavery
  • Leah N. Gordon (Assistant Professor of Education, Stanford University) Contesting Opportunity: "Equal Educational Opportunity" and its Alternatives in Twentieth-Century American Social Thought
  • Mark Greif (Assistant Professor of Literary Studies, The New School) The Rhetorics of Nonhuman Morality, 1870 to 2010: Life, Beings, and World
  • Vera A. Keller (Assistant Professor, Honors College, University of Oregon) Cornelis Drebbel (1572-1633) and the Ambitions of Science
  • A. Azfar Moin (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of Texas, Austin) Muslim Kingship and Ritual Violence in Pre-Modern Iran, Central Asia, and India
  • Alisha Rankin (Assistant Professor of History, Tufts University) The Poison Trials: Antidotes and Experiment in Early Modern Europe
  • Ryan T. Skinner (Assistant Professor of Music, and African American and African Studies, Ohio State University) Race, Politics, and Performance in Afro-Swedish Public Culture
  • Rachel Greenwald Smith (Assistant Professor of English, Saint Louis University) Compromise Aesthetics: Literature After Experimentalism
  • Alicia W. Walker (Assistant Professor of History of Art, Bryn Mawr College) Christian Bodies, Pagan Images: Women, Beauty, and Morality in Medieval Byzantium

Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellows, project titles, and residencies are:

  • Brooke L. Blower (Associate Professor of History, Boston University) Hidden Fronts: New American Histories of World War II - Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences in 2016-17
  • Janet Y. Chen (Associate Professor of History, Princeton University) The Sounds of Mandarin: The Making of a National Language in China and Taiwan, 1900-1960 - Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies in 2015-16
  • David Ciepley (Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Denver) Our Corporate Civilization and its Neoliberal Crisis - Institute for Advanced Study, School of Social Science in 2015-16
  • Steven Ellis (Associate Professor of Classics, University of Cincinnati) The Social Structures of a Roman City: Context and Complexity in the Archaeological Excavations of a Sub-elite Pompeian Neighborhood - American Academy in Rome in 2015-16
  • Paola Gambarota (Associate Professor of Italian, Rutgers University, New Brunswick) American Naples: Cross-Cultural Memories of an Occupation - American Academy in Rome in 2015-16
  • Françoise Hamlin (Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History, Brown University) Freedom's Cost: Children and Youth in the Black Freedom Struggle - National Humanities Center in 2017-18
  • Haiyan Lee (Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and Comparative Literature, Stanford University) A Certain Justice: Toward an Ecology of the Chinese Legal Imagination - Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences in 2015-16
  • Mary D. Lewis (Professor of History, Harvard University) The First French Decolonization: A New History of Nineteenth-Century Empire - Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study in 2015-16
  • Margaret Litvin (Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Boston University) Another East: Arab Writers, Moscow Dreams - Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in 2015-16
  • Christopher N. Phillips (Associate Professor of English, Lafayette College) The Hymnal Before the Notes: A History of Reading and Practice - American Antiquarian Society in 2016-17
  • Shaden Tageldin (Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) Toward a Transcontinental Theory of Modern Comparative Literature - John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress in 2016-17

Further information on this year's Charles A. Ryskamp Fellows and their projects is available on here. More information about this year's Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellows and their projects is available here.