ACLS asked its fellows to describe their research: the knowledge it creates and how this knowledge benefits our understanding of the world. We are pleased to present these responses.

  • Rachel_Buurma
    laura heffernan

    Rachel Buurma F'12 and Laura Hefferan F'12

    on Exploring the History of a Discipline through Classroom RecordsRead more
  • Teng_Emma_tn

    Emma J. Teng F'06

    on the Hidden Histories of Mixed Race FamiliesRead more
  • Tuchman_Arleen_tn

    Arleen Marcia Tuchman F'07

    on the Cultural History of Diabetes Read more
  • Price_Kenneth_tn

    Kenneth M. Price F'08

      on Editing Whitman in the Digital AgeRead more
  • Bess_Michael_tn

    Michael Bess F'08

    on Justice and Identity in a Bioengineered CivilizationRead more
  • Gootenberg_Paul_tn

    Paul Gootenberg F'06, F'88

    on Writing (and Finishing) the History of CocaineRead more
  • Alinder_Jasmine_tn

    Jasmine Alinder F'09, F'97

    on Photography and the Japanese American IncarcerationRead more
  • Freidberg_Susanne_tn

    Susanne E. Freidberg F'09, F'03

    on the History of FreshnessRead more
  • Green_Mitchell_tn

    Mitchell Green F'05, F'00

    on the Origins of Meaning and CommunicationRead more
  • Mahdavis_Pardis_tn

    Pardis Mahdavi F'09

    on Human Trafficking ReconsideredRead more
  • Herman_David_tn

    David Herman F'08

    on Narrative Worldmaking across Media and DisciplinesRead more
  • James_Aaron_tn

    Aaron James F'08

     on Fairness in the Global EconomyRead more