The First Century Photo Credits

ACLS thanks the individuals and institutions whose images appear in The First Century.

8. Researcher from ACLS Native American Languages Committee. Courtesy of American Philosophical Society.
8. Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period. James Worrell Studio.
10. Saul Steinberg drawing. ACLS Offices.
13. Participants in Mellon Mays Program. Courtesy of The Andrew E. Mellon Foundation.
15. The Body and Society. James Worrell Studio
16. Analytical Philosophy in Action. James Worrell Studio.
18. Gertrude Smith.University of Chicago Photographic Archive, apf1-07705, Special Collections Research Center.
19. Lila Abu-Lughod. Columbia GSAPP Conference, Architecture and Representation: The Arab City.
20. The Resurrection of the Body. James Worrell Studio.
22. Liberty's Exiles: American Loyalists in the Revolutionary World. James Worrell Studio.
27. Speculum. Courtesy of Medival Academy of America. Beth Singer Design, LLC.
27. Journal of the History of Ideas. Courtesy of University of Pennsylvia Press.
28. The History of the Former Han Dynasty. James Worrell Studio.
29. Slavic Review. Beth Singer Design, LLC.
31. K.J. Rawson. Thomas Rettig.
33. John Lomax. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Lomax Collection [LC-USZ62-56331]
36. WWII soldiers in language class. RF photo #22010c, Rockefeller Foundation Photograph Collection Box 36, folder 874.
37. Survival on Land and Sea. Beth Singer Design, LLC.
40. Karen Shanton. Matthew Staver/The New York Times/Redux Pictues.
44. 1973 delegation to China. ACLS Offices.
45. "Red Guard Team" letter. ACLS Offices. Beth Singer Design, LLC.
47. Josef Jarab. Archives, Palacky University in Olomousi, Czech Republic.
48. Ukranian Catholic University in Lviv. Ukranian Catholic University in Lviv
52. Howard Mumford Jones. University of Chicago Photographic Archive, apf1-02996, Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.
55. President Johnson at Brown University. Courtesy of Brown University.
57. Journals of ACLS member societies. Beth Singer Design, LLC.
58. Gerda Lerner. University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives. Image #S05704.
62. Race: Are We So Different? American Anthropological Association.
66. Lynn Hunt. Scarlett Freund.

Drop caps by Jessica Hische.