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Association of American Law Schools

The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) is a nonprofit association of 178 US-based law schools. Its members enroll most of the nation’s law students and produce the majority of the country’s lawyers and judges, as well as many of its lawmakers. The mission of AALS is to uphold and advance excellence in legal education.

In support of this mission, AALS promotes the core values of excellence in teaching and scholarship, academic freedom, and diversity, including diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints, while seeking to improve the legal profession, to foster justice, and to serve our many communities–local, national and international.

The association was founded in 1900 to elevate the standards of legal education in an era when it was still possible to become a lawyer through apprenticeship or self-study as Abraham Lincoln did.

AALS joined ACLS in 1958 and serves as the learned society for the more than 9,000 law faculty at its member schools, and provides them with extensive professional development opportunities, including the AALS Annual Meeting which draws thousands of professors, deans and administrators. Faculty and deans from AALS member schools actively participate in nearly 100 volunteer-led sections that present programs, provide mentoring for new faculty, and serve as a resource for discussions on important legal issues from antitrust, dispute resolution and taxation to civil rights, criminal justice and international law. Each year, the association also hosts a faculty recruitment conference and a workshop for new law teachers, among other professional development offerings.

AALS publishes The Journal of Legal Education in partnership with Northeastern University School of Law and University of Washington School of Law. The journal addresses issues confronting legal educators, including curriculum development, teaching methods and scholarship, and serves as an outlet for emerging areas of scholarship and teaching. The association also jointly sponsors the Clinical Law Review, a semi-annual, peer-edited journal devoted to issues of lawyering theory and clinical legal education. The review is published in partnership with the Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) and New York University School of Law.

Relaunched in 2014, the association’s website features the latest news and current issues related to legal education and showcases outstanding faculty and innovative programs at AALS member schools. In addition, AALS unites the legal community and public through its social media pages including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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