2011 CAO Spring Meeting

The Conference of Administrative Officers (CAO) of the ACLS held its spring meeting at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 7, 2011, following the ACLS Annual Meeting. CAO Executive Committee Chair Bill Davis, American Anthropological Association, led the meeting.

CAO Nominating Committee Chair Lisa Mighetto, Society for Environmental History, presented the slate of proposed new members for the Executive Committee of the CAO.  Also serving on the nominating committee were Michael Brintnall, American Political Science Association, and Rona Sheramy, Association for Jewish Studies.  The nominees, John R. Fitzmier, American Academy of Religion, and Victoria Long, Society for Music Theory, were elected to serve until spring 2014.  They replace outgoing members Lisa Mighetto and John J. Siegfried, American Economic Association. The continuing committee members are Amy Newhall, Middle East Studies Association of North America; Michael Paschal, Association for Asian Studies; Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, American Comparative Literature Association; and Pauline Saliga, Society of Architectural Historians.

The group heard updates from two subcommittees focused on building CAO capacities and brokering services. Candace Frede, ACLS director of web and information systems, spoke about exploring shared IT solutions, and Alyson Reed, Linguisic Society of America, reported on progress in securing shared legal services.

A panel discussion, moderated by Bill Davis, on hotel management/labor disputes provided a useful and informative exchange. The panelists were Michael Brintnall, American Political Science Association; Karen Jenkins, African Studies Association; Nancy Kidd, National Communication Association; and Sally Hillsman, American Sociological Association. Each presenter gave a brief report on their experiences with holding a meeting in a hotel experiencing labor management conflict. Panelists were able to offer advice on different scenarios.  Nancy Kidd provided a case study of the National Communication Association's recent experience.

Humanities E-Book (HEB) Directors Eileen Gardiner and Ron Musto gave a brief report on the conversion experiment and reader survey HEB conducted to assess the viability of using scholarly monographs with handheld e-readers. The report on the findings was published as a white paper in fall 2010 and is available on the ACLS website. 

Bill noted that the next leadership seminar for ACLS member society presidents and chief administrative officers will be held on Monday, September 12, 2012. This year's seminar will once again be led by Katha Kissman.

An optional post-meeting webinar on YourMembership.com (YM) was offered by Desire√© Ugosmith, vice president of sales. Topics covered included YM's e-balloting capabilities, web site development, and social networking features. 

The group will next convene in Minneapolis, MN, November 10-13, 2011.