Resources for AHP Fellows and Advisers

In order to provide a forum for useful information and a supplement to the discussions on the AHP Facebook page, this page carries news and opportunities for Fellows and Advisers:

AHP Travel Grants

Please read carefully the description and requirements below!
AHP Advisers’ Travel Grants for Mentoring support international travel within sub-Saharan Africa to locally-organized workshops and meetings. The grants are intended ONLY for AHP activities such as AHP application workshops, AHP-style manuscript/journal development workshops, or AHP sessions at large conferences organized by AHP advisers to discuss issues relevant to the development of AHP.
This competition is open to eligible assessors who intend to travel outside their home/residence country to a locally-organized AHP workshop or meeting within 12 months of the application deadline, May 1, 2019
For example, an AHP advisor from the University of Dar es Salaam might organize an AHP-fellowship application workshop at UDSM for early career scholars. The adviser can invite other AHP advisers from outside Tanzania who are eligible for travel grants to attend as mentors at the workshop. The invited advisers should then apply to AHP for travel grants to attend the workshop. 
Please note that AHP does not have funds to sponsor the locally-organized meetings. The travel grant funds are for AHP advisers to attend these meetings. 
Information about the 2019-2020 AHP competition can be found on the program’s page. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE TWO COMPETITIONS (2019-20 and 2020-21) AHP OFFERS ONLY POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS. 
Eligible AHP meetings
  • must be locally-organized for AHP activities: AHP-fellowship application workshops, manuscript/journal development workshops for AHP Fellows and the larger university community, AHP sessions at large conferences, etc.
  • must focus on topics in the humanities
  • must be organized in sub-Saharan Africa at universities, other institutions, or AHP residential centers
  • must provide active roles for, and opportunities for, interaction among AHP mentors and Fellows or potential fellowship applicants traveling from outside the country in which the meeting is held. 
Eligible meetings can take place as part of larger events, such as conferences, but must be stand-alone AHP events, with an agenda and defined roles for AHP Advisers (and AHP Fellows, if applicable). 
Requests for travel grants to attend conferences that do not include a clearly-identified AHP event with a specific role for the adviser will NOT be considered. 
Eligible advisers
  • must have evaluated AHP applications and submitted scores in two or more competitions
  • must have reviewed at least once between 2015-2018
  • must be invited by the local AHP meeting organizer to participate in a clearly-identified capacity 

AHP Residential directors may also request support for travel grants to participate in meetings as mentors.
Application materials
1. Application form (please find it here)
2. Invitation from AHP meeting organizer describing applicant’s role
3. AHP meeting description, date, location, schedule, rationale, and participants (please include any flyer or publicity materials) 
  • $1500 for intra-region meetings (within West Africa or within East Africa)
  • $3000 for inter-regional meetings (e.g., West Africa to East Africa, South Africa to West Africa, etc.)
  • Award funds are available in these amounts only and can be used for any travel expenses related to the meeting in question: air tickets, ground transportation, visas and insurance, lodging, and any meals that are not provided at the meetings.
Recipients of Travel Grants for Mentoring will be asked to submit a brief narrative report on the meeting attended. No financial report or submission of receipts will be required.
Please email your application form and supporting materials to Ryan Cuthbert at  

AHP Residencies, 2018-2019

One of the benefits offered to every AHP Fellow, current or former, is the opportunity to take up a residency at a center for advanced study in Africa.

Residencies have been highly praised by Fellows for providing time for concentration and writing, away from duties at the home university (and at home). Fellows have also used residencies to explore new intellectual relationships with colleagues at the hosting institution and to use the local library resources./p>

Current Fellows (2018-2019 cohort) automatically are considered for a residency. They DO NOT have to apply for one. They only need to send AHP their top three ranked choices of residencies by June 15, 2018. Please also inform us, as soon as possible, if you decline to take a residency. We would appreciate knowing your reason for declining.

Former Fellows need to APPLY for consideration for an AHP residency. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2018. The application form is here

A list of currently available residential centers can be found here. Please read each description carefully and visit each center’s website to learn more. Your choice should be motivated by the intellectual environment that will best develop your project rather than by the geographic location.

Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to residences. The main points are that Fellows:

Residencies must take place August through December (2018) or January through June (2019). Most residential centers are closed in January and after May. The description of residential sites includes approximate dates for residential stays.

We ask for your top three choices (location and time period), in order of preference (1=most desired). The period does not have to be the same for all choices, and two choices can be at the same center but with different periods.