Past Programs

ACLS Commission on Cyberinfrastructure


Commission Meetings

The ACLS Commission on Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences convened seven public information-gathering sessions to hear from those interested in contributing to the work of the commission. At these sessions, invited speakers, experts in various fields vital to this work—from those actively engaged in digital scholarship and teaching to leaders in libraries and archives, publishing and distribution, academic administration, information technology, and industry development—addressed the questions below, among others. Discussion from the floor followed.

  • How have new information technologies transformed the work of humanists and social scientists? What specific technologies or applications have enabled fundamental changes in the areas of teaching, research collaboration, and the communication to the general public?
  • What are the barriers to further transformative advances?
  • What core functions are vital to build into a cyberinfrastructure that will serve the needs of teaching, research collaboration, and public outreach for the humanities and social sciences?
  • What advances in technology can you foresee that are most likely to help the interests of computing-enabled humanities and social sciences?
  • Who should administer, staff, and fund cyberinfrastructure for the humanities and social sciences? Who are the stakeholders who will most benefit from the cyberinfrastructure?
  • How can this commission be helpful to your community?
  • How might this commission be harmful to your community?

The public sessions were held throughout the country.