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    Barbara K. Altmann and Rosemary G. Feal, representatives of the Modern Language Association

  • 2016AM_AAR

    Jack Fitzmier and David Harrington Watt, representatives of the American Academy of Religion

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Learned Society Leadership/Governance Seminars


Recognizing the significance of effective leadership in learned societies to the disciples and the academic community at large, in 2004 ACLS began hosting a seminar for ACLS constituent society presidents and chief executive officers. During the day-long workshop, participants examine the dynamics of voluntary leadership associations, member leader and staff leader relationships and responsibilities, and knowledge-based governance; they also have an opportunity to discuss common concerns informally. Bruce Lesley, a BoardSource consultant, has facilitated the seminar for several years.

The 2017 seminar will take place on September 11.


2016 Seminar Participants

American Historical Association
Tyler Stovall, President-elect
James Grossman, Executive Director

American Musicological Society
Martha Feldman, President-elect
Robert F. Judd, Executive Director

Association for Jewish Studies
Rona Sheramy, Executive Director

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
Mary Tschirhart, President-elect
Shariq Siddiqui, Executive Director

Association of Art Museum Curators
Helen C. Evans, President and President-elect, International Center of Medieval Art

College Art Association
Suzanne Preston Blier, President
Hunter O’Hanian, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Community College Humanities Association
David A. Berry, Chair, Board of Directors

German Studies Association
Mary Lindemann, Vice President and President-elect
David E. Barclay, Executive Director

Latin American Studies Association
Aldo Panfichi Huamán, Vice President and President-elect
Milagros Pereyra-Rojas, Executive Director

Modern Language Association
Diana Taylor, First Vice President
Rosemary G. Feal, Executive Director

National Communication Association
Stephen John Hartnett, First Vice President
Trevor Parry-Giles, Interim Executive Director

Oral History Association
Kristine Navarro-McElhaney, Interim Executive Director

Rhetoric Society of America
Gregory Clark, President
Gerard A. Hauser, Executive Director

Society for Classical Studies
S. Georgia Nugent, President-elect
Helen Cullyer, Executive Director