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    The 2017 CEO Fall Meeting was held in Fort Worth, TX.

  • 2016AM_AAR

    Jack Fitzmier and David Harrington Watt, representatives of the American Academy of Religion

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    ACLS societies foster high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship in the humanities.

Milwaukee, WI, October 28-31

1999 CAO Fall Meeting

indicates a member of the Executive Committee
(See Board & Committees for more info)

Ronald F. Abler,Download Association of American Geographers

Olavi Arens, Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies

Anne H. Betteridge,Download Middle East Studies Association of North America

Sandra Sciford Bradley, Program Assistant, ACLS

Curtis Carter, American Society for Aesthetics

John H. D’Arms, President, ACLS

William E. Davis, American Anthropological Association

Rudolph H. Dornemann, American Schools of Oriental Research

Lee W. Formwalt, Organization of American Historians

Candace Frede, Director of Publications, ACLS

James Gaudino, National Communication Association

Judith Gray, Society for Ethnomusicology

David L. Green, National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH)

Maureen Grolnick, Education Programs, ACLS

John Hammer, National Humanities Alliance

Robert Hauck, American Political Science Association

Barbara M. Henning, Executive Assistant to the President, ACLS

Eric Hoffman, American Philosophical Association

Arnita Jones, American Historical Association

Loree Jones, African Studies Association

Aaron L. Katchen,Download Association for Jewish Studies

Kate Van Winkle Keller,Download Society for American Music

Gesa E. Kirsch, College Forum of the National Council of Teachers of English

Gerald R. Kleinfeld, German Studies Association

B. Robert Kreiser, Society for French Historical Studies

Gail Leftwich, Federation of State Humanities Councils

S. William Leslie, Society for the History of Technology

Felice J. Levine, American Sociological  Association

Martin L. Levitt, American Philosophical Society

Robert J. Malone, History of Science Society

Elaine Martin, American Comparative Literature Association, Member, Executive

Committee of the Conference of Administrative Officers

Allan Metcalf, American Dialect Society

John Monfasani,Download Renaissance Society of America

Christine Morfit, Council for International Exchange of Scholars

James A. R. Nafziger, American Society of Comparative Law

Reid Reading, Latin American Studies Association

Margaret W. Reynolds,Download Linguistic Society of America

Jonathan Rodgers, American Oriental Society

Luanne von Schneidemesser, Dictionary Society of North America

Thomas Weiss, Economic History Association

Janice Welsch, Society for Cinema Studies

Steven C. Wheatley, Director of Programs, ACLS

Nancy Wilkie, Archaeological Institute of America

Don B. Wilmeth, American Society for Theatre Research

Kathleen Woodward, Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes