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Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellows


The Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships provide advanced assistant professors and untenured associate professors in the humanities and related social sciences with time and resources to pursue their research under optimal conditions. The Ryskamp Fellowships particularly recognize those whose scholarly contributions have advanced their fields and who have well designed and carefully developed plans for new research.

Generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, these fellowships are named for Charles A. Ryskamp, literary scholar, distinguished library and museum director, and long-serving trustee of the Mellon Foundation.

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Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Ulka Anjaria
Ulka Anjaria|Abstract

Assistant Professor, English, Brandeis University - The Unfinished Bridge: Realism and Futurity in India

Sonal Khullar
Sonal Khullar|Abstract

Assistant Professor, School of Art + Art History + Design, University of Washington - The Art of Dislocation: Conflict and Collaboration in Contemporary Art from South Asia

Kornel Chang
Kornel Chang|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Rutgers University-Newark - Occupying Knowledge: Expertise, Technocracy, and Decolonization in the US Occupation of Korea

Miriam Kingsberg Kadia
Miriam Kingsberg Kadia|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, University of Colorado Boulder - Japan's Midwar Generation: Anthropologists and Nation in the Twentieth Century

Mhoze Chikowero
Mhoze Chikowero|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, University of California, Santa Barbara - Tool of Empire, Technology of Self-Liberation: Colonial Radio Broadcasting to Africans in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, 1920s-1980

Sarah E. McGrath
Sarah E. McGrath|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Princeton University - Moral Knowledge and Intellectual Humility

Jonathan P. Conant
Jonathan P. Conant|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Brown University - The Carolingians and the Ends of Empire, c. 795-840

Michael Ralph
Michael Ralph|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University - The Monetary Value of a Human Life

Jacob S. Dorman
Jacob S. Dorman|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History and American Studies, University of Kansas - Black Orientalism: Representing Islam in American Popular Culture and African American Religion

Karl Schafer
Karl Schafer|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh - Rationalism, Kantian Constructivism, and the Nature of Morality

Raphael B. Folsom
Raphael B. Folsom|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, University of Oklahoma - Mestizo Empire: The Chichimeca War and the Making of Mexico, 1540-1610

Phillip John Usher
Phillip John Usher|Abstract

Assistant Professor, French, Barnard College - Violent Theater and Peaceful Politics? Robert Garnier and the French Wars of Religion

Stephanie Malia Hom
Stephanie Malia Hom|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, University of Oklahoma - The Empire Between: Mobility, Colonialism, and Space in Italy and Libya

Louise E. Walker
Louise E. Walker|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Northeastern University - Economic Woes: Debt and the Ethics of Capitalism in Modern Mexico