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Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellows in American Art


The Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in American Art are awarded to graduate students in any stage of Ph.D. dissertation research or writing, for scholarship on a topic in the history of the visual arts of the United States. Although the topic may be historically and/or theoretically grounded, attention to the art object and/or image should be foremost.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

Read more about this fellowship program.

Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

  • Ellen Holtzman Fellow

Lauren Applebaum
Lauren Applebaum|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Elusive Matter, Material Bodies: American Art in the Age of Electronic Mediation, 1865-1918

Solveig Nelson
Solveig Nelson|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History, University of Chicago - Direct Action, Mediated Bodies: How Early Video Changed Art

Niki D. Conley
Niki D. Conley|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History and Archaeology, University of Missouri - Lt. Claggett Wilson, Queer Masculinity, and the Formation of American Modernism

Kristine K. Ronan
Kristine K. Ronan|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History of Art, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Buffalo Dancer: The Biography of an Image

Randall Edwards
Randall Edwards|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History, City University of New York, The Graduate Center - Beyond Land Art: Site, Body, and Self in the Work of Dennis Oppenheim, 1967-75

Laura Lake Smith
Laura Lake Smith|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History, University of Georgia - Imaging the In-between: The Serial Art of Richard Tuttle

Christopher Ketcham
Christopher Ketcham|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture and Art, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Minimal Art and Body Politics in New York City, 1961-75

Emily S. Warner
Emily S. Warner |Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History, University of Pennsylvania - Painting the Abstract Environment: Abstract Murals in New York, 1935-55

Nico Machida
Nico Machida|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History, University of California, Los Angeles - City-Site-Syntax: Art and the US Urban System, 1950s-70s

Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History of Art, Yale University - The Shade of Private Life: Privacy and the Press in Turn-of-the-Century American Art