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Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellows in American Art


The Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in American Art are awarded to graduate students in any stage of Ph.D. dissertation research or writing, for scholarship on a topic in the history of the visual arts of the United States. Although the topic may be historically and/or theoretically grounded, attention to the art object and/or image should be foremost.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

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Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

  • Ellen Holtzman Fellow

Zara  Anishanslin Bernhardt
Zara Anishanslin Bernhardt|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of Delaware - American Portraits in Spitalfields Silk: Atlantic World Material Culture and Visual Expressions of Eighteenth-Century American Identity, 1730--1790

Adrian Kohn|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art and Art History Department, University of Texas at Austin - West Coast Minimalism: Art in Southern California, Art in New York, and the Nature of Visual Perception in Modern Sculptural Practice, 1958-1972

Benjamin Cawthra|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History Department, Washington University in St. Louis - Jazz Photography in American Culture: Race and Image, 1938-1964

Lauren Kroiz
Lauren Kroiz|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History, Theory & Criticism of Art & Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Modernizing a "Grey Race": American Art during the Era of Exclusion (1882-1943)

Kimberly M. Curtiss|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Art History, Rutgers University-New Brunswick - Painting Skin: The Construction of Racial Identity through Representations of American Indians in Jacksonian America, ca. 1828-1848

Sarah M Miller|Abstract

Doctoral Student, Department of Art History, University of Chicago - Inventing "Documentary" in American Photography, 1930-1945: From Experimental Practices to Public Contests

Jennifer A. Greenhill|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History of Art, Yale University - The Plague of Jocularity: Art, Humor, and the American Social Body, 1863-1893

Dorothy Moss|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art History, University of Delaware - Translations, Appropriations, and Copies of Paintings at the Dawn of Mass Culture in the United States, circa 1900

Kevin Michael Hatch
Kevin Michael Hatch|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Art & Archaeology, Princeton University - Looking for Bruce Conner: Assemblage, Films, Drawings, 1957-1967

Patricia Smith Scanlan|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History of Art, Indiana University Bloomington - God-gifted girls: Women Illustrators, Gender, Class, and Commerce in American Visual Culture, 1885-1925

Wendy Ikemoto
Wendy Ikemoto|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University - Double Vision: Pendant Painting in Antebellum America

Robert Slifkin
Robert Slifkin|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, History of Art, Yale University - Figuration in post-war American art: Philip Guston at the Marlborough Gallery, 1970.