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Gregory S. Jackson F'04

Gregory S. Jackson

Associate Professor
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
last updated: 08/08/13

ACLS Fellowship Program 2004
Professor Jackson has been designated an ACLS/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Junior Faculty Fellow.
Assistant Professor
Department: English
University of Arizona
A Democracy of Emotions: Psychologies of Reading and the Hermeneutics of Engagement in Nineteenth-Century American Narrative

This project explores how 19th-century religious activism helped Americans form political and social communities during a century when slavery, secession, immigration, industrialization, and urbanization shattered long-standing mechanisms of social cohesion. Each chapter explores how humanism and emerging evangelical technologies nurtured socio-religious awakenings that included old and new oral and visual literary forms. Modes of religious experience generated formal innovations of literary realism, such as the sermon hybrids I call "virtual-tour narratives" and "homiletic novels." Ultimately, my study shows how Americans created forms of civic attachment based not on the abtract, impersonal norms of nationality but on local, personal and religious connections of community.