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John North Hopkins F'11, F'09

John North Hopkins

Assistant Professor
Art History & Classical Studies
Rice University
last updated: 09/25/17

ACLS New Faculty Fellows Program 2011
PhD, Art and Art History, University of Texas, Austin
Dissertation: "The Topographical Transformation of Archaic Rome: A New Interpretation of Architecture and Landscape in the Early City"
Appointed in Art History at Rice University (Academic Years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013)

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships 2009
Doctoral Candidate
Art History
University of Texas at Austin
The Topographical Transformation of Archaic Rome: A New Interpretation of Architecture and Geography in the Early City

This dissertation examines monuments built in Rome between 650 and 450 BCE within the context of the Archaic Mediterranean and the history of Roman architecture. Two concerns overshadow most scholarship on architecture in the early city of Rome: Who rules it (Etruscans? Romans? Latins? kings?) and how do we link them to architectural output? Leaving questions of authorship aside, this project considers what early Romans are building, what tectonic and stylistic principles they must know to create these structures, what material and iconographic choices they are making in their construction, and who they must know to make all this possible. This study promises a new understanding of both Archaic Rome and Roman architectural history.


The Genesis of Roman Architecture.
The Genesis of Roman Architecture. Yale University Press, 2016.