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Andrew Quintman F'15

Andrew Quintman

Assistant Professor
Department of Religious Studies
Yale University
last updated: 09/25/17

The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Collaborative Research Fellowships in Buddhist Studies 2015
Associate Professor
Department of Religious Studies
Yale University
The Life of the Buddha at Jonang Monastery in Tibet: Art, Literature, and Institution

The Life of the Buddha (LOTB) presents and analyses in a synthetic fashion the first complete photographic documentation of the monumental murals depicting the Buddha narrative at Jonang Monastery in Tibet, their related literature, and their architectural and historical contexts. LOTB will offer scholarly and learning communities the first collaborative means to research and engage image, text, architecture, and history as an integrated and meaning-rich whole by focusing on the most important pre-modern mural renderings of the Buddha’s life remaining in Tibet. The impact for the humanities will be twofold: the largest project to date on visual and textual Buddha narratives in Tibet, and a new digital tool for synthetic teaching and research of Buddhist images and texts in context.