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Marina Welker F'12

Marina Welker

Assistant Professor
Cornell University
last updated: 08/21/14

ACLS Fellowship Program 2012
Assistant Professor
Department: Anthropology
Cornell University
Ethical Technologies of Corporate Rule: A Mining Company in Postauthoritarian Indonesia

This is a study of the ethical technologies through which corporations seek to make ethics, knowledge, and persons and govern dispersed and disparate people, institutions, objects, and environments. It is based on two years of ethnographic fieldwork extending from Newmont Mining Corporation’s Batu Hijau copper and gold mine site on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa to the corporation’s headquarters in Denver. The corporation, and corporate power more broadly, is disaggregated in chapters that explore how ethical technologies ostensibly promoting human rights, participation, empowerment, sustainability, environmentalism, transparency, accountability, and good governance are developed, implemented, and contested in corporate offices and Sumbawan villages.