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En-Chieh Chao F'11

En-Chieh Chao

Assistant Professor
National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
last updated: 09/25/17

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships 2011
Doctoral Candidate
Boston University
Women of Fire, Women of the Robe: Gendered Subjectivities amid Charismatic Christianity and Normative Islam in Java, Indonesia

The much-heeded “Islamization” of current Indonesia is compounded by a concomitant, yet largely unknown, story of Pentecostal proliferation. How do Pentecostals trumpet their messages under the expanding Islamic doxa? What are the mutual impacts between religious movements? This study tackles theses questions and further examines the dynamic of religious pluralism realized in new gendered subjectivities. It contends that religious women’s practices have embodied distinctive forms of religiosity and sharply reconfigured gender, morality, racial hierarchies, and religious divides of Javanese society. Attending to the lives of women and minorities within and between the religious movements in Java, this study scrutinizes the often-overlooked nexus of gender, inter-subjectivity, and cross-religions relations.