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Maryemma Graham F'18, F'02

Maryemma Graham

University Distinguished Professor
University of Kansas
last updated: 09/18/18

ACLS Digital Extension Grants 2018
University of Kansas
Black Book Interactive Project - Extending the Reach (BBIP-ER)

Principal Investigator: Maryemma Graham, University of Kansas. “Black Book Interactive Project: Extending the Reach (BBIP-ER)," based at the University of Kansas, is the first searchable digital collection of previously unavailable African American novels. Created by the Project on the History of Black Writing to address the digital divide, BBIP-ER developed as a collaboration with scholars at the University of Chicago with support from KU’s Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities. As the project continues to add content and descriptive data, it is also expanding the user base both inside and outside the academy and encouraging new working partners in this unique interactive environment. The project has a team of advisors and works with the College Language Association to provide training and access to the collection through a user interface. The result is a diverse learning community where scholars and practitioners can work creatively in producing new knowledge and opportunities for teaching and research.

Collaborators: Textual Optics Lab at the University of Chicago, University of Kansas Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, College Language Association, and HBCU Library Alliance

ACLS Fellowship Program 2002
University of Kansas
The House where My Soul Lives: The Life of Margaret Walker