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Joy Ladin F'05

Joy Ladin

David and Ruth Gottesman Chair
Yeshiva University
last updated: 07/06/18

ACLS Fellowship program 2005
Assistant Professor
Yeshiva University
Democracy, Diction, and the Birth of Modernist American Poetry

Twentieth-century modernist American poets presented their work as a radical break with their nineteenth-century predecessors. Modernist innovations in poetic diction represent a relatively late stage in the struggle to define authority in American public discourse. Building on research by Kenneth Cmiel and others documenting democracy’s destabilizing effects on linguistic authority in America, this project demonstrates that the startling early twentieth-century emergence of non-literary language in American poetry marked a belated adaptation of nineteenth-century rhetorical strategies for marshalling linguistic authority—a perspective that lays the groundwork for a broad reconsideration of the trajectory of American poetry.


Impersonation. The Sheep Meadow Press, 2015.

The Defintion of Joy.
The Defintion of Joy. Sheep Meadow, 2012.

Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey between Genders.
Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey between Genders. The University of Wisconsin Press, 2012.

Coming to Life.
Coming to Life. Sheep Meadow Press, 2011.