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Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellows


The Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships Program awards 65 fellowships annually. The fellowships support a year of research and writing to help advanced graduate students in the humanities and social sciences in the last year of PhD dissertation writing.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Read more about this fellowship program.

Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Begum Adalet
Begum Adalet|Abstract

Political Science, University of Pennsylvania - Mirrors of Modernization: The American Reflection in Turkey

Jennifer Lynn Lambe
Jennifer Lynn Lambe|Abstract

History, Yale University - Baptism by Fire: The Making and Remaking of Madness in Cuba, 1899-1980

Marcus P. Adams
Marcus P. Adams|Abstract

History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh - Mechanical Epistemology and Mixed Mathematics: Descartes’ Problems and Hobbes’ Unity

Heather Ruth Lee
Heather Ruth Lee|Abstract

American Studies, Brown University - Consuming Labor: Migration and Mobility of Chinese Restaurant Workers in New York City, 1894-1965

Abigail Andrews
Abigail Andrews|Abstract

Sociology, University of California, Berkeley - Negotiating Capitalism, Community, and Gender: Power and Agency in Two Streams of Mexican Migration

Philipp N. Lehmann
Philipp N. Lehmann|Abstract

History, Harvard University - The Threat of the Desert: Colonial Climatology, Theories of Desiccation, and Climate Engineering, 1870-1950

Meghan C. Andrews
Meghan C. Andrews|Abstract

English Literature, University of Texas at Austin - Shakespeare's Networks

Priscilla Leiva
Priscilla Leiva|Abstract

American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California - Bigger Stadiums, Better Futures? The Cultural Politics of Difference and Civic Identity in Postwar Urban Imaginaries

Emilia Bachrach
Emilia Bachrach|Abstract

Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin - The Living Tradition of Hagiography in the Vallabh Sect of Contemporary Gujarat

Huwy-min Lucia Liu
Huwy-min Lucia Liu|Abstract

Anthropology, Boston University - Dying Socialist in Capitalist Shanghai: Ritual, Governance, and Subject Formation in Urban China’s Modern Funeral Industry

Micaela K. Baranello
Micaela K. Baranello|Abstract

Musicology, Princeton University - The Operetta Empire: Viennese Music Theater and Austrian Identity, 1900-1935

Nidhi Mahajan
Nidhi Mahajan|Abstract

Anthropology, Cornell University - Securing the Present, Unsettling the Past: Trade and Control on the Swahili Coast

Robert O. Beahrs
Robert O. Beahrs|Abstract

Ethnomusicology, University of California, Berkeley - Economies of Voice and the Politics of Transmission: Tuvan Khöömei Throat-Singing, 1981-2013

Timothy S. Miller
Timothy S. Miller|Abstract

English, University of Notre Dame - Closing the Book on Chaucer: Medieval Theories of Ending and the Ends of Chaucerian Narrative

Alexander Bevilacqua
Alexander Bevilacqua|Abstract

History, Princeton University - Islamic Culture in the European Enlightenment

Kate Nolfi
Kate Nolfi|Abstract

Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Understanding Epistemic Normativity

Beth Blum
Beth Blum|Abstract

English Literature, University of Pennsylvania - Proverbial Modernism: Difficult Literature and the Self-Help Hermeneutic

Zeynep Ozgen
Zeynep Ozgen|Abstract

Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles - Schooling, Islamization, and Religious Mobilization in Turkey

Susan Hanket Brandt
Susan Hanket Brandt|Abstract

History, Temple University - Gifted Women and Skilled Practitioners: Gender and Healing Authority in the Delaware Valley, 1740-1830

Intan Paramaditha
Intan Paramaditha|Abstract

Cinema Studies, New York University - The Wild Child’s Desire: Cinema, Sexual Politics, and the Experimental Nation in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Andrew Bricker
Andrew Bricker|Abstract

English, Stanford University - Producing and Litigating Satire, 1670-1760

Giulio Pertile
Giulio Pertile|Abstract

Comparative Literature, Princeton University - Literature and the Limits of Consciousness in the Renaissance

Paul A. Broyles
Paul A. Broyles|Abstract

English, University of Virginia - Remapping Insularity: Geographic Imagination in Medieval English Romance

Andrei Pesic
Andrei Pesic|Abstract

History, Princeton University - The Enlightenment in Concert: The Concert Spirituel and Religious Music in Secular Spaces, 1725-1790

Danielle Christmas
Danielle Christmas|Abstract

English, University of Illinois at Chicago - Auschwitz and the Plantation: Labor and Social Death in American Holocaust and Slavery Fiction

Amanda Phillips
Amanda Phillips|Abstract

English, University of California, Santa Barbara - Gamer Trouble: The Dynamics of Difference in Video Games

Clara Cohen
Clara Cohen|Abstract

Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley - Incorporating Abstract and Usage-based Information: The Effect of Syntactic Context on the Production of Morphemes

Naomi Ruth Pitamber
Naomi Ruth Pitamber|Abstract

Art History, University of California, Los Angeles - Re-Placing Byzantium: Laskarid Urban Environments and the Landscape of Loss, 1204-1261

J. Brent Crosson
J. Brent Crosson|Abstract

Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz - Catching Power: Science, Spiritual Work and Altered Solidarities in Trinidad

Sara Protasi
Sara Protasi|Abstract

Philosophy, Yale University - Envy: Varieties, Evils, and Paradoxes

Adam Dahl
Adam Dahl|Abstract

Political Science, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Empire of the People: The Ideology of Democratic Empire in the Antebellum United States

Annie Rudd
Annie Rudd|Abstract

Communications, Columbia University - The Hidden Camera and the Aesthetics of Authenticity in Documentary Photography, 1880-1945

Chris Donlay
Chris Donlay|Abstract

Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara - A Grammar of the Kazo Language in Yunnan, China

Sara Safransky
Sara Safransky|Abstract

Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Promised Land: The Politics of Abandonment and the Struggle for a New Detroit

Jatin Dua
Jatin Dua|Abstract

Cultural Anthropology, Duke University - Regulating the Ocean: Piracy and Protection along the East African Coast

Sara Saljoughi
Sara Saljoughi|Abstract

Cultural Studies and Film Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Burning Visions: The Iranian New Wave and the Politics of the Image, 1962-1979

Abigail A. Dumes
Abigail A. Dumes|Abstract

Sociocultural Anthropology, Yale University - Divided Bodies: The Practice and Politics of Lyme Disease in the United States

Benjamin A. Saltzman
Benjamin A. Saltzman|Abstract

English and Medieval Studies, University of California, Berkeley - Holding the Sacred: Discourses of Secrecy and Concealment in Early Medieval England, 600-1100

Stacy Fahrenthold
Stacy Fahrenthold|Abstract

History, Northeastern University - Making Nations, in the Mahjar [Diaspora]: Syrian and Lebanese Long-Distance Nationalisms in New York City, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires, 1913–1929

Suzanne L. Schulz
Suzanne L. Schulz|Abstract

Radio-Television-Film, University of Texas at Austin - Lucknow Screens: Cinema and the Everyday State in Postcolonial India

Madeleine Patricia Fairbairn
Madeleine Patricia Fairbairn|Abstract

Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Betting the Farm: Speculation, Regulation, and the Creation of a Global Farmland Market

Christopher Shirley
Christopher Shirley|Abstract

English, Northwestern University - Reading by Hand: Manuscript Poetry and Readerly Identities in Renaissance England

Scott Grant Feinstein
Scott Grant Feinstein|Abstract

Political Science, University of Florida - The Political Foundations of Secession, Stability and Chaos: Russia, Moldova, and Ukraine

James Patrick Steichen
James Patrick Steichen|Abstract

Musicology, Princeton University - George Balanchine in America: Institutions, Economics and Aesthetics of the Nonprofit Performing Arts, 1933-1954

Arunabh Ghosh
Arunabh Ghosh|Abstract

History, Columbia University - To 'Know' the Nation: Statistics, Quantification, and State-Society Relations in the Early People’s Republic of China, 1949-1959

Siri Suh
Siri Suh|Abstract

Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University - Boundaries at Work: Practicing Abortion Care at the Intersection of Medicine and Law in Senegal

Anna Marie Gibson
Anna Marie Gibson|Abstract

English, Duke University - Forming Person: Narrative and Psychology in the Victorian Novel

Aaron Sullivan
Aaron Sullivan|Abstract

History, Temple University - In the Jaws of the Lion: Loyalty and Liberty in Occupied Philadelphia

Aglaya Glebova
Aglaya Glebova|Abstract

History of Art, University of California, Berkeley - Visualizing Stalinism: Photography of the Early GULags

Angela Sutton
Angela Sutton|Abstract

History, Vanderbilt University - Mercantile Culture of the Slave Trade: Piracy and Broken Monopolies in the African Atlantic World, 1621-1720

Jamie Greenberg Reuland
Jamie Greenberg Reuland|Abstract

Musicology, Princeton University - Sounding Resemblances: Music and Ritual in Late-Medieval Venice and its Maritime Colonies, 1204-1450

Maggie Taft
Maggie Taft|Abstract

Art History, University of Chicago - Making Danish Modern, 1945-1960

Luke Habberstad
Luke Habberstad|Abstract

History, University of California, Berkeley - Courtly Institutions, Politics, and Status in Early Imperial China, 206 BCE-9 CE

Stacey Van Vleet
Stacey Van Vleet|Abstract

East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University - Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries and the Medical Marketplace of Qing China

Elizabeth Hennessy
Elizabeth Hennessy|Abstract

Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - On the Backs of Turtles: A Critical Geography of Evolution in the Galápagos Islands

Stacey Vanderhurst
Stacey Vanderhurst|Abstract

Anthropology, Brown University - Sheltered Lives: Sex, God, and Mobility in Nigeria's Counter-Trafficking Programs

April Dawn Hughes
April Dawn Hughes|Abstract

Religion, Princeton University - Waiting for Darkness: Apocalyptic Eschatology in Early Medieval China

Christine Walker
Christine Walker|Abstract

History, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - To Be My Own Mistress: How Women in Jamaica Shaped the British Empire, 1660-1760

Jang Wook Huh
Jang Wook Huh|Abstract

English & Comparative Literature, Columbia University - Black Radicalism in Korea: The Poetics of Overlapping Dispossessions in Afro-Korean Literary Intersections, 1910-1953

Emily M. Wanderer
Emily M. Wanderer|Abstract

History, Anthropology, and STS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Remaking Mestizaje in the Age of the Biological: An Ethnography of Biological Invasion and Nation-Building in Mexico

Kristy Ironside
Kristy Ironside|Abstract

History, University of Chicago - The Value of a Ruble: A Social History of Money in Postwar Soviet Russia, 1945-1964

Kevin Whalen
Kevin Whalen|Abstract

History, University of California, Riverside - Beyond School Walls: Labor, Mobility, and Indian Education in Southern California, 1902-1940

Samantha Gayathri Iyer
Samantha Gayathri Iyer|Abstract

History, University of California, Berkeley - The Paradox of Plenty and Poverty: A Political Economy of Food in Egypt, India, and the US, 1870s-1970s

Naomi R. Williams
Naomi R. Williams|Abstract

History, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Workers United: The Labor Movement and the Shifting US Economy, 1950s-1980s

Aaron George Jakes
Aaron George Jakes|Abstract

History and Middle Eastern Studies, New York University - State of the Field: Agrarian Transformation, Colonial Rule, and the Politics of Material Wealth in Egypt, 1882-1922

Sunny Xiang
Sunny Xiang|Abstract

English, University of California, Berkeley - Asia’s Unreliability: Literary and Historical Positings of the Asian Human from the American Century to the Pacific Century

Zenia Kish
Zenia Kish|Abstract

American Studies, New York University - Investing for Impact: Philanthrocapitalism and the Rise of Ethical Finance

Sunny Yang
Sunny Yang|Abstract

English, University of Pennsylvania - Fictions of Territoriality: Legal and Literary Narratives of US Imperial Contestation Zones, 1844-1914

Mary P. Kuhn
Mary P. Kuhn|Abstract

English, Boston University - The Garden Politic: Botany, Horticulture, and Domestic Cosmopolitanism in Nineteenth-Century American Literature