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Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellows


The Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships Program awards 65 fellowships annually. The fellowships support a year of research and writing to help advanced graduate students in the humanities and social sciences in the last year of PhD dissertation writing.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Read more about this fellowship program.

Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Rebekah Ahrendt
Rebekah Ahrendt|Abstract

Musicology, University of California, Berkeley - A Second Refuge: French Opera and the Huguenot Migration, 1685-1713

Rachel I. P. Lears
Rachel I. P. Lears|Abstract

Cultural Anthropology, New York University - Between Two Monsters: Underground Music and Visual Culture in Twenty-First Century Uruguay

Hannah Chadeayne Appel
Hannah Chadeayne Appel|Abstract

Anthropology, Stanford University - Crude Fictions: Oil and the Making of Modularity in Equatorial Guinea

Elizabeth Lew-Williams
Elizabeth Lew-Williams|Abstract

History, Stanford University - The Chinese Must Go: Immigration, Deportation, and Violence in the American West, 1882-1892

Rachel Applebaum
Rachel Applebaum|Abstract

History, University of Chicago - Friendship of the Peoples: Soviet-Czechoslovak Social and Cultural Contacts from the Battle for Prague to the Prague Spring, 1945-1969

Annette Damayanti Lienau
Annette Damayanti Lienau|Abstract

Comparative Literature, Yale University - In the Spirit of Bandung: On the Politics and Poetics of Linguistic Choice in the Comparative Literatures of Indonesia, Egypt, and Senegal, 1905-Present

Michitake Aso
Michitake Aso|Abstract

History of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Forests without Birds: Ecology and Health on the Rubber Plantations of French Colonial Vietnam, 1890-1954

Jonathan M. Livengood
Jonathan M. Livengood|Abstract

History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh - On Causal Inferences in the Sciences and Humanities

Melissa A. Bailey
Melissa A. Bailey|Abstract

Classics, Stanford University - To Separate the Act From the Thing: Technologies of Value in the Ancient Mediterranean

Lydia Wilson Marshall
Lydia Wilson Marshall|Abstract

Anthropology, University of Virginia - Fugitive Slaves and Community Creation in Nineteenth-Century Kenya: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation of Watoro Villages

Maria Belodubrovskaya
Maria Belodubrovskaya|Abstract

Film Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Banned Films: Soviet Cinema under Stalin and the Failure of Power

Noah Millstone
Noah Millstone|Abstract

History, Stanford University - “Plot’s Commonwealth”: The Circulation of Manuscripts and the Practice of Politics in Early Stuart England, 1614-1640

James Ethan Bourke
James Ethan Bourke|Abstract

Political Science, Duke University - The Politics of Incommensurability: A Value Pluralist Approach to Liberalism and Democracy

Joseph Moshenska
Joseph Moshenska|Abstract

English, Princeton University - “Feeling Pleasures”: The Sense of Touch in the English Renaissance

Erin Claire Cage
Erin Claire Cage|Abstract

History, Johns Hopkins University - Clerical Celibacy, Sex, and Marriage in Enlightenment and Revolutionary France

Somangshu Mukherji
Somangshu Mukherji|Abstract

Music, Princeton University - Generative Musical Grammar: A Minimalist Approach

Sinem Arcak Casale
Sinem Arcak Casale|Abstract

Art History, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Gifts in Motion: Ottoman-Safavid Cultural Exchange, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries

Michael Joseph Mulvey
Michael Joseph Mulvey|Abstract

History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - France’s Concrete Frontier: Gender, Family, and Social Policy in High-Rise Communities, 1945-1975

William Cavert
William Cavert|Abstract

History, Northwestern University - Producing Pollution: Coal, Smoke, and Society in Early Modern London

Dara Orenstein
Dara Orenstein|Abstract

American Studies, Yale University - Offshore Onshore: Foreign-Trade Zones on US Soil, 1846-1989

Giuliana Chamedes
Giuliana Chamedes|Abstract

History, Columbia University - The Making of the Communist Enemy: The Catholic Church and the Ideological Origins of the Cold War, 1929-1949

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal
Nathan Perl-Rosenthal|Abstract

History, Columbia University - Corresponding Republics: Private Letters and Patriot Societies in the American, Dutch, and French Revolutions, ca. 1765-92

Elizabeth Anne Chiarello
Elizabeth Anne Chiarello|Abstract

Sociology, University of California, Irvine - Pharmacists of Conscience: Ethical Decision-Making Across Legal, Political, and Organizational Environments

Justin James Pope
Justin James Pope|Abstract

History, The George Washington University - Whispers and Waves: Insurrection, Conspiracy, and the Search for Salvation in the British Atlantic, 1729-1742

Margareta Ingrid Christian
Margareta Ingrid Christian|Abstract

German Literature and Language, Princeton University - Air, Ether, Atmosphere: A Cultural History of Fluids around 1900

Noer Fauzi Rachman
Noer Fauzi Rachman|Abstract

Environmental Science, Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley - The Resurgence of Land Reform Policy and Rural Social Movements in Indonesia

Rossen Lilianov Djagalov
Rossen Lilianov Djagalov|Abstract

Comparative Literature, Yale University - Literary Imaginings of Socialist Internationalism in the Age of the Three Worlds

William Joseph Rankin
William Joseph Rankin|Abstract

History of Science and Architecture, Harvard University - After the Map: Cartography, Navigation, and the Transformation of Territory in the Twentieth Century

Boryana Y. Dobreva
Boryana Y. Dobreva|Abstract

German Studies, University of Pittsburgh - Subjectivity Regained? German-Language Writing from Eastern Europe and the Balkans through an East-West Gaze

Eric J. Rettberg
Eric J. Rettberg|Abstract

English, University of Virginia - Ridiculous Modernism: Nonsense and New Literature, 1900-1950

Yiftah Elazar
Yiftah Elazar|Abstract

Political Science, Princeton University - Liberty and Self-Government: Richard Price and the 1776 British Freedom Debate

Michael Robbins
Michael Robbins|Abstract

English, University of Chicago - Quarrels with Ourselves: Just Realism in Contemporary Poetry

Emran El-Badawi
Emran El-Badawi|Abstract

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago - Sectarian Scripture: The Qur’an and its Dogmatic Re-Articulation of the Aramaic Gospel Traditions in the Fractured Late Antique Near East

Strother E. Roberts
Strother E. Roberts|Abstract

History, Northwestern University - Harvesting the Woods, Harnessing the Waters: An Environmental History of the Colonial Connecticut Valley

Christine Folch
Christine Folch|Abstract

Cultural Anthropology, City University of New York, The Graduate Center - Territory Matters in the Triple Frontera: Ciudad del Este, Itaipú, and the Paraguayan State

Adam R. Rosenblatt
Adam R. Rosenblatt|Abstract

Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University - Last Rights: Forensic Science, Human Rights, and the Victims of Atrocity

Ellery Elisabeth Foutch
Ellery Elisabeth Foutch|Abstract

History of Art, University of Pennsylvania - Arresting Beauty: The Perfectionist Impulse of Peale's Butterflies, Heade's Hummingbirds, Blaschka's Flowers, and Sandow's Body

Michael P. Rossi
Michael P. Rossi|Abstract

Science, Technology and Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - The Rules of Perception: American Color Science, 1858-1931

Mayhill C. Fowler
Mayhill C. Fowler|Abstract

History, Princeton University - Beau Monde: State and Stage on Empire's Edge, Russia and Soviet Ukraine, 1916-1941

Anat Schechtman
Anat Schechtman|Abstract

Philosophy, Yale University - Grasping the Infinite: Descartes’ “Meditations” as an Exercise in Transcendental Philosophy

Hilary E. Fox
Hilary E. Fox|Abstract

English, University of Notre Dame - Mind, Body, Soul, and Self in the Alfredian Translations

Erik R. Scott
Erik R. Scott|Abstract

History, University of California, Berkeley - Familiar Strangers: The Georgian Diaspora in the Soviet Union

Supriya Gandhi
Supriya Gandhi|Abstract

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University - Forging Equivalences: Dara Shikoh, Persian Translations of Indic Works, and the Mughal Genealogies of Hinduism

Augustine Sedgewick
Augustine Sedgewick|Abstract

History of American Civilization, Harvard University - The American System in the World Depression, 1929-1945

Jeffrey Garmany
Jeffrey Garmany|Abstract

Geography, University of Arizona - Governance without Government: Explaining Order in a Brazilian Favela

Jacob Stoltzfus Sider Jost
Jacob Stoltzfus Sider Jost|Abstract

English, Harvard University - The Afterlife of Samuel Johnson, LLD: Literature and Immortality in Britain, 1709-1791

Amanda Jo Goldstein
Amanda Jo Goldstein|Abstract

Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley - “Sweet Science”: Poetic Biologies around 1800

Elizabeth W. Son
Elizabeth W. Son|Abstract

American Studies, Yale University - Performing Redress: Military Sexual Slavery and the Transpacific Politics of Memory

Brian D. Goldstone
Brian D. Goldstone|Abstract

Anthropology, Duke University - A Fire Upon the World: The Passions and Powers of Pentecostalism in Northern Ghana

Bettina Y. Stoetzer
Bettina Y. Stoetzer|Abstract

Cultural Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz - At the Forest Edges of the City: An Ethnography of Racial Geographies and National Belonging in Berlin and its Countryside

Richard J. Guy
Richard J. Guy|Abstract

History of Architecture, Cornell University - First Spaces of Colonialism: Architecture, Space, and Society of the Ships of the Dutch East India Company, 1740-1795

Elizabeth Thornberry
Elizabeth Thornberry|Abstract

History, Stanford University - Historicizing Sexual Violence in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, 1848-1927

Angela S. Hawk
Angela S. Hawk|Abstract

History, University of California, Irvine - Madness, Mining, and Migration in the Pacific World, 1848-1900

Darian Marie Totten
Darian Marie Totten|Abstract

Classics, Stanford University - Scales of Connectivity in the Late Antique Landscape: Economic Networks in Southern Italy

Toshihiro Higuchi
Toshihiro Higuchi|Abstract

History, Georgetown University - Nuclear Fallout, the Politics of Risk, and the Making of a Global Environmental Crisis, 1945-1963

Gleb Tsipursky
Gleb Tsipursky|Abstract

History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Pleasure, Power, and the Pursuit of Communism: State-Sponsored Youth Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1945-1968

Lauren Hirshberg
Lauren Hirshberg|Abstract

History, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Targeting Kwajalein: US Military Imperialism in the Marshall Islands during the Cold War

Shannon D. Walsh
Shannon D. Walsh|Abstract

Political Science, University of Notre Dame - Engendering State Institutions: State Response to Violence Against Women in Latin America

Maile S. Hutterer
Maile S. Hutterer|Abstract

History of Art, New York University - Broken Outlines and Structural Exhibitionism: The Flying Buttress as Aesthetic Choice in Medieval France

Thomas K. Ward
Thomas K. Ward|Abstract

English, University of Pennsylvania - Inside Voices of the English Renaissance

Carrie L. Hyde
Carrie L. Hyde|Abstract

English, Rutgers University-New Brunswick - Alienable Rights: Negative Figures of US Citizenship, 1790-1868

Mari K. Webel
Mari K. Webel|Abstract

History, Columbia University - Tropical Medicine, German Imperialism, and the Local History of Sleeping Sickness at Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika, 1898-1914

Alvan A. Ikoku
Alvan A. Ikoku|Abstract

English & Comparative Literature, Columbia University - The Writing of Malaria, 1865-1935

Leah J. Whittington
Leah J. Whittington|Abstract

Comparative Literature, Princeton University - The Rhetoric and Ethics of Supplication from Vergil to Milton

Joshua I. Jelly-Schapiro
Joshua I. Jelly-Schapiro|Abstract

Geography, University of California, Berkeley - The Caribbean in the World: Imaginative Geographies in the Independence Age

Bess Williamson
Bess Williamson|Abstract

History, University of Delaware - The Right to Design: Disability and Access in the United States, 1945-1990

Alexander L. Kaye
Alexander L. Kaye|Abstract

History, Columbia University - The Legal Philosophies of Religious Zionism, 1937-1967

Hsiao-pei Yen
Hsiao-pei Yen|Abstract

History, Harvard University - Constructing the Chinese: Paleoanthropology and Anthropology in the Chinese Frontier, 1920-1951

Jaeeun Kim
Jaeeun Kim|Abstract

Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles - Colonial Migration and Transborder Membership Politics in Twentieth-Century Korea