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Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellows


The Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships Program awards 65 fellowships annually. The fellowships support a year of research and writing to help advanced graduate students in the humanities and social sciences in the last year of PhD dissertation writing.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Read more about this fellowship program.

Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Angelica Jimena Afanador Pujol
Angelica Jimena Afanador Pujol|Abstract

Art History, University of California, Los Angeles - The Politics of Ethnicity: Reimagining Indigenous Identities in Sixteenth-Century Michoacán, Mexico

Abel Lopez
Abel Lopez|Abstract

History, University of Maryland, College Park - A Beautiful Class. An Irresistible Democracy: The Formation of the Middle Class in Bogotá, Colombia, 1938-1963

Jonathan Anjaria
Jonathan Anjaria|Abstract

Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz - Unruly Streets: Public Space, Urban Governance, and the Crisis of Postcoloniality in Mumbai, India

Gordon  K. Mantler
Gordon K. Mantler|Abstract

United States History, Duke University - Black, Brown, and Poor: The Poor People's Campaign and Its Legacies

Kevin M. Bartig
Kevin M. Bartig|Abstract

Musicology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Composing for the Red Screen: Sergei Prokofiev's Film Music

Lia Rebecca Markey
Lia Rebecca Markey|Abstract

Art History, University of Chicago - The New World in Renaissance Italy: a Vicarious Conquest of Art and Nature at the Medici Court

Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz
Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz|Abstract

South Asian Languages & Cultures, University of Chicago - The Svasthani Vrata Katha Tradition: Translating Self, Place, and Identity in Hindu Nepal

Natalia Milanesio
Natalia Milanesio|Abstract

History, Indiana University Bloomington - Mass Consumption, Working-Class Culture, and Peronism, Argentina, 1946-1955

Clayton D. Brown
Clayton D. Brown|Abstract

History, University of Pittsburgh - Making the Majority: Defining Han Identity in Chinese Ethnology and Archaeology

Isaac S. Nakhimovsky
Isaac S. Nakhimovsky|Abstract

Political Science, Harvard University - The Political Economy of the General Will: From Perpetual Peace to the Closed Commercial State, 1795-1800

Noah Butler
Noah Butler|Abstract

Anthropology, Northwestern University - Followers of the Marabout: Spiritual Hierarchy and the Economy of Knowledge in a Muslim Pilgrimage Center in Niger

Catherine Nicholson
Catherine Nicholson|Abstract

English Literature, University of Pennsylvania - Geographies of English Eloquence: Rhetoric, Poetics, and Place in Early Modern England

Melissa K. Byrnes
Melissa K. Byrnes|Abstract

History, Georgetown University - French Like Us?: Municipal Policies and North African Migrants in the Parisian Banlieues, 1945-75

Tatiana Nikitina
Tatiana Nikitina|Abstract

Linguistics, Stanford University - The Mixing of Syntactic Categories and Language Change: Evidence from Niger-Congo Languages

Phillip E. Cash Cash
Phillip E. Cash Cash|Abstract

Anthropology, University of Arizona - Language Documentation and Use in Nez Perce and Sahaptin, Two Endangered Language Communities

Patrick J. O'Banion
Patrick J. O'Banion|Abstract

History, Saint Louis University - Negotiating Penance: Sacramental Confession and Local Religious Settlements in Early Modern Spain

Anita S. Chari
Anita S. Chari|Abstract

Political Science, University of Chicago - The Reification of the Political: Critical Theory and the Possibility of Politics

James Stephen O'Connor
James Stephen O'Connor|Abstract

History, Columbia University - Armies, Navies, and Economies in the Greek World in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BCE

Kushanava  Choudhury
Kushanava Choudhury|Abstract

Political Science, Yale University - Superfluous People

Kathryn E. O'Rourke
Kathryn E. O'Rourke|Abstract

History of Art, University of Pennsylvania - Building a Modern Nation: Mexico's State-Sponsored Modern Architecture, 1925-1934

Adam Clulow
Adam Clulow|Abstract

History, Columbia University - Mercenaries, Pirates, and Trade: Tokugawa Japan and the Dutch East India Company

Antje Pfannkuchen
Antje Pfannkuchen|Abstract

German Literature, New York University - When Nature Begins to Write Herself: German Romantics Read the Electrophore

Catherine Corson
Catherine Corson|Abstract

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley - Revealing the "All-Powerful Development Machine": the International Politics Behind Saving Madagascar’s Biodiversity

Diana Bullen Presciutti
Diana Bullen Presciutti|Abstract

History of Art, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - The Visual Culture of the Central Italian Foundling Hospital, 1400-1600

Valeria De Lucca
Valeria De Lucca|Abstract

Musicology, Princeton University - The Colonnas and Music Patronage in Rome, Venice, and Naples, 1659-1689

Maia A. Ramnath
Maia A. Ramnath|Abstract

History, University of California, Santa Cruz - "The Haj to Utopia": Radical Anti-Colonialisms in the South Asian Diaspora, 1915-1930

Kenneth Easwaran
Kenneth Easwaran|Abstract

Logic and the Methodology of Science, University of California, Berkeley - The Foundations of Conditional Probability

Christopher Izaak Roos
Christopher Izaak Roos|Abstract

Anthropology, University of Arizona - Geoarchaeology of Fire and Culturally Modified Environments of the Mogollon Rim Region, East-Central Arizona

Jesse Ferris
Jesse Ferris|Abstract

Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University - Egypt, the Cold War, and the Civil War in Yemen, 1962-1967

Alan I. Rosenfeld
Alan I. Rosenfeld|Abstract

History, University of California, Irvine - Captive to Freedom: Urban Guerrillas and the West German State in the 1970s

Charles R.  Foy
Charles R. Foy|Abstract

History, Rutgers University-New Brunswick - Ports of Slavery, Ports of Freedom: How Slaves Used Northern Seaports' Maritime Industry to Escape and Create Transatlantic Identities, 1713-1783

Hiro Saito
Hiro Saito|Abstract

Sociology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Cosmopolitan Nationalism: The Development of Transnationality in Japanese Children and Adolescents

Megan H. Glick
Megan H. Glick|Abstract

American Studies, Yale University - Infrahumanisms: Race, Nation, and the Moral Economy of Embodiment in Twentieth-Century US Culture

Noah Salomon
Noah Salomon|Abstract

History of Religions, University of Chicago - Sufism, Religious Revival, and the Struggle for Islamic Modernity in Contemporary Sudan

Rob Harper
Rob Harper|Abstract

History, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Revolution and Conquest: Politics, Violence, and Social Change in the Ohio Valley, 1768-1795

Daniel Schensul
Daniel Schensul|Abstract

Sociology, Brown University - Remaking an Apartheid City: State-Led Spatial Transformation in Durban, South Africa

Erin Louise Hasinoff
Erin Louise Hasinoff|Abstract

Anthropology, Columbia University - Material Burma: The Missionary Exhibit and Its Object Resonances

Daniel A. Shore
Daniel A. Shore|Abstract

English Literature, Harvard University - Milton and the Renunciation of Rhetoric

Jared Winston Hickman
Jared Winston Hickman|Abstract

English, Harvard University - Black Prometheus: Primitives, Pragmatists, and the Pluralistic Universe of Atlantic Radicalism

Lindsay Adams Smith
Lindsay Adams Smith|Abstract

Anthropology, Harvard University - Subversive Genes: DNA Identifcation and Human Rights in Argentina

Kathleen  A. Holscher
Kathleen A. Holscher|Abstract

Religion, Princeton University - Habits in the Classroom: A Court Case Regarding Catholic Sisters in New Mexico

Ania Spyra
Ania Spyra|Abstract

English, University of Iowa - Cosmopoetics: Multilingual Experiments in Transnational Literature

Iza R. R. Hussin
Iza R. R. Hussin|Abstract

Political Science, University of Washington - The Politics of Islamic Law: Colonial Power, Local Authority, and the Negotiated Muslim State

Noah H. Thomas
Noah H. Thomas|Abstract

Anthropology, University of Arizona - Seventeenth-Century Metallurgy on the Spanish Colonial Frontier: Transformations of Technology, Value, and Identity

Iskra Iskrova
Iskra Iskrova|Abstract

Linguistics, Indiana University Bloomington - Prosody and Intonation in Two French-Based Creoles: Haitian and Guadeloupean

Heléna Tóth
Heléna Tóth|Abstract

History, Harvard University - Émigrés: the Experience of Political Exile for Germans and Hungarians, 1848-1871

Justin Jesty
Justin Jesty|Abstract

East Asian Languages & Civilizations, University of Chicago - Art and Activism in Postwar Japan: the Culture of Grassroots Democracy Between 1945 and the Early 1960s

Theresa Marie Ventura
Theresa Marie Ventura|Abstract

History, Columbia University - Empire for Reform: Progressivism, Nature, and the American Colonial State in the Philippines, 1898-1934

Anna Marie Johnson
Anna Marie Johnson|Abstract

Religion/History, Princeton Theological Seminary - Piety and Polemics: Martin Luther's Reform of Christian Practice, 1518-1520

Sarah A. Vogel
Sarah A. Vogel|Abstract

Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University - Plastics, Politics, and Production: the Political Economy of Bisphenol A

Ryan Tucker Jones
Ryan Tucker Jones|Abstract

History, Columbia University - Empire of Extinction: Nature and Natural History in the Russian North Pacific, 1739-1799

Wensheng  Wang
Wensheng Wang|Abstract

History, University of California, Irvine - White Lotus Rebels and South China Pirates: New Perspectives on Social Crises, Political Dynamics, and Cultural Change in the Qing Empire, 1796-1810

Andrew W. Kahrl
Andrew W. Kahrl|Abstract

History, Indiana University Bloomington - Navigating an Aqueous Color Line: Race and Recreation at Bodies of Water in the US South, 1890-1965

Adrian Chastain Weimer
Adrian Chastain Weimer|Abstract

Study of Religion, Harvard University - Protestant Sainthood: Martyrdom and the Meaning of Sanctity in Early New England

Emily Alice Katz
Emily Alice Katz|Abstract

Modern Jewish Studies, Jewish Theological Seminary of America - That Land Is Our Land: Israel in American Jewish Culture, 1948-1967

Rhiannon N. Welch
Rhiannon N. Welch|Abstract

Italian Studies, University of California, Berkeley - Under the Shadow of Our Flag: Territoriality, Corporeality, and Citizenship in Italy, 1861-1936

Melissa R. Kerin
Melissa R. Kerin|Abstract

History of Art, University of Pennsylvania - Re-Tracing Lines of Devotion: Religious Identities and Political Ideologies of Fifteenth- Through Seventeenth-Century Western Himalayan Wall Paintings

Janelle Werner
Janelle Werner|Abstract

History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - "As Long as their Sin is Privy": Priests and Concubines in England, 1375-1549

Deborah Grace Kully
Deborah Grace Kully|Abstract

History of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Speculating on Architecture: Morality, the New Real Estate, and the Bourgeois Apartment Industry in Late Nineteenth-Century France

Seth P. Yalcin
Seth P. Yalcin|Abstract

Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Representing Information

Leigh Claire La Berge
Leigh Claire La Berge|Abstract

American Studies, New York University - Cultural Representations of Finance in the United States, 1901-1991

Elizabeth Yale
Elizabeth Yale|Abstract

History of Science, Harvard University - "Of Advices, of Proposals, of Treaties, and of All Manner of Intellectual Rarities": Manuscript Circulation and the Formation of Scientific Knowledge in England, 1640-1700

Steven S. Lee
Steven S. Lee|Abstract

Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University - Cold War Multiculturalism: The Clash of American and Soviet Models of Difference

Stuart H. Young
Stuart H. Young|Abstract

Religion, Princeton University - Conceiving the Indian Buddhist Patriarchs in China

Jonathan Levy
Jonathan Levy|Abstract

History, University of Chicago - The Ways of Providence: Capitalism, Risk, and Freedom