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Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellows


The Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships Program awards 65 fellowships annually. The fellowships support a year of research and writing to help advanced graduate students in the humanities and social sciences in the last year of PhD dissertation writing.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Read more about this fellowship program.

Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Chloe Ahmann
Chloe Ahmann|Abstract

Anthropology, The George Washington University - Cumulative Effects: Reckoning Risk on Baltimore's Toxic Periphery

Magdalena Kolodziej
Magdalena Kolodziej|Abstract

Art, Art History and Visual Studies, Duke University - Empire at the Exhibition: The Imperial Art World of Modern Japan, 1907-1945

Maryam Alemzadeh
Maryam Alemzadeh|Abstract

Sociology, University of Chicago - Revolutionary Armies and Mechanisms of Institution-building: The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988

Firat Kurt
Firat Kurt|Abstract

Anthropology, Columbia University - Folds of Authoritarianism: Financial Capitalism, Mobilization, and Political Islam in Turkey

Tony Andersson
Tony Andersson|Abstract

History, New York University - Environmentalists with Guns: Conservation, Revolution, and Counterinsurgency in El Petén, Guatemala, 1944-1996

Ulug Kuzuoglu
Ulug Kuzuoglu|Abstract

History, Columbia University - Overcome by Information: Psychogrammatology and Technopolitics of Script Invention in China, 1892-1986

Mohamad Ballan
Mohamad Ballan|Abstract

History, University of Chicago - The Scribe of the Alhambra: Lisān al-Dīn ibn al-Khaṭīb, Sovereignty, and History in Nasrid Granada

William Lempert
William Lempert|Abstract

Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder - Broadcasting Indigenous Futures: The Social Life of Aboriginal Media

Héctor Beltrán
Héctor Beltrán|Abstract

Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley - Disenchanted Hacking: Technology, Startups, and Alternative Capitalisms from Mexico

Alessandra Link
Alessandra Link|Abstract

History, University of Colorado Boulder - The Iron Horse in Indian Country: Native Americans and Railroads in the US West, 1853-1924

Jess Bird
Jess Bird|Abstract

History, Temple University - Do the Hustle: Municipal Regulation of New York City’s Underground Economy, 1970-Present

Megan Lukaniec
Megan Lukaniec|Abstract

Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara - A Grammar of Wendat

Alex Hudgins Bush
Alex Hudgins Bush|Abstract

Film and Media, University of California, Berkeley - Cold Storage: A Media History of the Glacier

Jane C. Manners
Jane C. Manners|Abstract

History, Princeton University - “Infinitely Dangerous to the Revenue of the United States”: The Great New York Fire of 1835 and the Law of Disaster Relief in Jacksonian America

Paola Cépeda
Paola Cépeda|Abstract

Linguistics, State University of New York, Stony Brook - Negation and Time: Against Expletive Negation in Temporal Clauses

Allison Joan Martino
Allison Joan Martino|Abstract

History of Art, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Stamping History: Stories of Social Change in Ghana’s Adinkra Cloth

Jian Ming Chris Chang
Jian Ming Chris Chang|Abstract

East Asian Languages & Cultures, Columbia University - Communist Miscellany: The Paperwork of Revolution

Kirsten Noelle Mendoza
Kirsten Noelle Mendoza|Abstract

English, Vanderbilt University - Representations of Race, Rape, and Consent in English Drama, 1590-1660

Taylor Clement
Taylor Clement|Abstract

English, Florida State University - Visualizing Verse in Early Modern England

Rachel Nolan
Rachel Nolan|Abstract

History, New York University - “Children for Export”: A History of International Adoption from Guatemala

Andrew J. Collings
Andrew J. Collings|Abstract

History, Princeton University - The King Cannot Be Everywhere: Royal Governance and Local Society in the Reign of Louis IX

Milad Odabaei
Milad Odabaei|Abstract

Anthropology and Critical Theory, University of California, Berkeley - Giving Words: Translation and History in Modern Iran

Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper|Abstract

Anthropology, Princeton University - Uncomfortable Justice: Care and Conviction in California's Mental Health Courts

Matthew Omelsky
Matthew Omelsky|Abstract

English, Duke University - Fugitive Time: Black Culture and Utopian Desire

Graham Cornwell
Graham Cornwell|Abstract

History, Georgetown University - Sweetening the Pot: A History of Tea and Sugar in Northwest Africa, 1850-1960

Colleen O'Reilly
Colleen O'Reilly|Abstract

History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh - Visual Pedagogy in Cold War America: Berenice Abbott, Will Burtin, and the International Visual Literacy Association

Barnaby Crowcroft
Barnaby Crowcroft|Abstract

History, Harvard University - Decolonization in Britain’s Empire of Protectorates, 1945-1970

Sayd Priscilla Randle
Sayd Priscilla Randle|Abstract

Anthropology and Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University - Replumbing the City: Climate Adaptation Urbanisms in Los Angeles

Devin Sanchez Curry
Devin Sanchez Curry|Abstract

Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania - Believers

María Enid Rodríguez
María Enid Rodríguez|Abstract

Theology and Religious Studies, Catholic University of America - What God Really Said: The Function of the “Word of God” in Assyrian, Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic Prophetic Literature

Helen Cushman
Helen Cushman|Abstract

English, Harvard University - Producing Knowledge in the Middle English Mystery Plays

Domenica G. Romagni
Domenica G. Romagni|Abstract

Philosophy, Princeton University - The Hard Problem of Consonance and Its Place in Seventeenth-Century Philosophy

Christian B. Flow
Christian B. Flow|Abstract

History, Princeton University - Writing the Thesaurus of Latinity: A Study in the History of Philological Practice

John A. Romey
John A. Romey|Abstract

Music, Case Western Reserve University - Popular Song, Opera Parody, and the Construction of Parisian Spectacle, 1648-1713

Alborz Ghandehari
Alborz Ghandehari|Abstract

Ethnic Studies, University of California, San Diego - Post-Revolutionary Fervor: Class and Gender in Iranian Social Movements since 2002

Natasha M. Roule
Natasha M. Roule|Abstract

Music, Harvard University - Reviving Lully: Opera and the Negotiation of Absolutism in the French Provinces, 1685-1750

Lelia M. Glass
Lelia M. Glass|Abstract

Linguistics, Stanford University - The Pragmatics and Semantics of (Non)distributive Predication

Joseph C. Russo
Joseph C. Russo|Abstract

Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin - Texan Hard-Luck: Social Ecology in Southeast Texas’s Golden Triangle

Anne Gray Fischer
Anne Gray Fischer|Abstract

History, Brown University - Arrestable Behavior: Women, Police Power, and the Making of Law-and-Order America, 1930-1980

Danica Savonick
Danica Savonick|Abstract

English, City University of New York, The Graduate Center - The Promise of Aesthetic Education: On Pedagogy, Praxis, and Social Justice

Sandra Jasmin Gutierrez
Sandra Jasmin Gutierrez|Abstract

Native American Studies, University of California, Davis - Juchari Uinapekua!: Community, Sociopolitical Organization, and Indigenous Autonomy Practices in Michoacán’s P’urhépecha Region, 1979-2015

Casey Schmitt
Casey Schmitt|Abstract

History, College of William & Mary - Bound among Nations: Labor Coercion in the Early-Seventeenth-Century Caribbean

Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky
Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky|Abstract

History, Stanford University - Refugees and Empires: North Caucasus Muslims between the Ottoman and Russian Worlds, 1864-1914

Christopher Seeds
Christopher Seeds|Abstract

Sociology, New York University - Life Without Parole: Emergence of a Late-Twentieth-Century American Punishment

Nabeel Hamid
Nabeel Hamid|Abstract

Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania - Being and the Good: Natural Teleology in Early Modern German Philosophy

Edward Flavian Shore
Edward Flavian Shore|Abstract

History, University of Texas at Austin - Avengers of Zumbi: The Nature of Fugitive Slave Communities and Their Descendants in Brazil

Karen B. Hanna
Karen B. Hanna|Abstract

Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara - Makibaka!: A Feminist Social History of the Transnational Filipina/o American Left, 1969-1992

Katherine Smoak
Katherine Smoak|Abstract

History, Johns Hopkins University - Circulating Counterfeits: Making Money and Its Meanings in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic

Tiana Bakic Hayden
Tiana Bakic Hayden|Abstract

Anthropology, New York University - Traders in Uncertainty: An Ethnography of Law(lessness) and (Dis)order in Mexico’s Central Food Market

Tim Sorg
Tim Sorg|Abstract

History, Cornell University - Imperial Neighbors: Empires and Land Allotment in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Joshua Hudelson
Joshua Hudelson|Abstract

Music, New York University - Spectral Sound: A Cultural History of the Frequency Domain

Jessie L. Speer
Jessie L. Speer|Abstract

Geography, Syracuse University - Reimagining Home: Homeless Narratives As a Critique of Urban Housing

Faisal Husain
Faisal Husain|Abstract

History, Georgetown University - Flows of Power: The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, 1546-1831

Alexios Tsigkas
Alexios Tsigkas|Abstract

Anthropology, The New School - Discerning Value: Taste As an Economic Fact

Philip Janzen
Philip Janzen|Abstract

History, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Africa and the Atlantic Imagination: An Intellectual History of Empire and Black Internationalism in the Twentieth Century

Elena Turevon
Elena Turevon|Abstract

Cultural Anthropology, Duke University - Devil in the Water, Lights on the Mountain: Anthroposcenes from Andean Peru

Ethan Jerzak
Ethan Jerzak|Abstract

Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley - Paradox in Thought and Natural Language

Stefan Vogler
Stefan Vogler|Abstract

Sociology, Northwestern University - Ruling Sexuality: Law, Expertise, and the Making of Sexual Knowledge

Alix Johnson
Alix Johnson|Abstract

Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz - Compromising Connections: Icelandic Information Infrastructure and the Making of Marginality

Claire J. Weiss
Claire J. Weiss|Abstract

Art and Archaeology, University of Virginia - The Construction of Sidewalks as Indicator of Social and Economic Interaction in Ancient Roman Cities

Adrienne Kates
Adrienne Kates|Abstract

History, Georgetown University - Maya Autonomy and International Capitalism in Mexico's Chewing Gum Forests, 1886-1947

Hallie Wells
Hallie Wells|Abstract

Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley - Moving Words: Malagasy Slam Poetry at the Intersection of Performance, Politics, and Circulation

Joseph Kellner
Joseph Kellner|Abstract

History, University of California, Berkeley - The End of History: Radical Responses to the Soviet Collapse

Oliver M. Wunsch
Oliver M. Wunsch|Abstract

History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University - Painting against Time: The Decaying Image in the French Enlightenment