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Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Culture and Society Grantees


ACLS offers a program of support for collaborative work in China studies, funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange.

Awards are made to proposals adopting an explicitly cross-cultural or comparative perspective: projects that, for example, compare aspects of Chinese history and culture with those of other nations and civilizations, explore the interaction of these nations and civilizations, or engage in cross-cultural research on the relations among the diverse and shifting populations of China. Proposals are expected to be empirically grounded, theoretically informed, and methodologically explicit.

Read more about this program. This program was formerly known as New Perspectives on Chinese Culture and Society.

Chang'an 26 B.C.: Exploring the Ancient Chinese Capital of "Perpetual Peace"   | Abstract
Michael Nylan
Michael Nylan

Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Early-Modern Statecraft: Between China and Europe   | Abstract
Timothy Brook

Professor, University of British Columbia

Multidisciplinary Histories of Chinese Local Communities   | Abstract
Stevan Harrell

Professor, University of Washington

News and Opinion in Seventeeth-Century China   | Abstract
Tina Lu
Tina Lu

Professor, Yale University

Putting China on Display: From Nineteenth-Century Museums to Twenty-first-Century Expos   | Abstract
Lisa R. Claypool

Associate Professor, Reed College

Re-Constructing Heritage: Place- and Culture-Making in Modern Northeast China   | Abstract
Fang-Long Shih

Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Re-evaluating Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts of Early China Through Excavated Texts: Excavated Texts from Chu   | Abstract
Erica F. Brindley
Erica F. Brindley

Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Sending "Rule of Law" to the Countryside: Development Theories and Chinese Realities   | Abstract
Susan Whiting

Associate Professor, University of Washington

Spreading Buddha's Words in China: The Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon   | Abstract
Jiang Wu

Associate Professor, University of Arizona

The Power of Information in Shaping Chinese Modernity: A Historical Investigation from the late Qing to Early Republican   | Abstract
Weipin Tsai

Lecturer, University of London

Writings in "Chinese" by Japanese: Analysis and Classification   | Abstract
Joshua A. Fogel
Joshua A. Fogel

Professor, York University