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The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Research Fellowships in Buddhist Studies


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Program in Buddhist Studies offers an articulated set of fellowship and grant competitions that will expand the understanding and interpretation of Buddhist thought in scholarship and society, strengthen international networks of Buddhist studies, and increase the visibility of innovative currents in those studies.

The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Research Fellowships in Buddhist Studies offer support for research and writing in Buddhist studies for scholars who hold a PhD degree, with no restrictions on time from the PhD. These fellowships provide scholars time free from teaching and other responsibilities to devote fulltime to research and writing on the project proposed.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation.

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Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Katherine A. Bowie
Katherine A. Bowie|Abstract

Professor, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison - The Saint of Northern Thailand: Resurrecting the Stormy Life of Kruba Srivichai.

Laura Pace Guerrero
Laura Pace Guerrero|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Humanities, Utah Valley University - Book project entitled: “Truth for the Rest of Us: Conventional Truth in the Work of Dharmakirti.”

Kevin Gray Carr
Kevin Gray Carr|Abstract

Associate Professor, History of Art, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Topographies of the Sacred in Medieval Japan

Alicia Marie Turner
Alicia Marie Turner|Abstract

Associate Professor, Humanities Department, York University - Buddhism’s Plural Pasts: Religious Difference and Indifference in Colonial Burma

Brendan S. Gillon
Brendan S. Gillon|Abstract

Professor, Linguistics (affiliate with Philosophy/East Asian), McGill University - Ru shi lun, second earliest Chinese text on Buddhist logic: philosophical and philological analysis

Nicole Willock
Nicole Willock|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Old Dominion University - Lineages of the Literary: Tibetan Buddhist Scholars Making Modern China