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The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowships in Buddhist Studies


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Program in Buddhist Studies offers an articulated set of fellowship and grant competitions that will expand the understanding and interpretation of Buddhist thought in scholarship and society, strengthen international networks of Buddhist studies, and increase the visibility of innovative currents in those studies.

The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowships provide one-year stipends for PhD candidates to devote full time to preparing dissertations. The fellowship period may be used for fieldwork, archival research, analysis of findings, or for writing after research is complete.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation.

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Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Stephanie Lynn Balkwill
Stephanie Lynn Balkwill|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Religious Studies, McMaster University - Empresses, Nuns, and Women of Pure Faith: Buddhism and the Politics of Patronage During the Northern Wei

Matthew Steven Mitchell
Matthew Steven Mitchell|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Religion, Duke University - Beyond the Convent Walls: the Local and Japan-wide Activities of Daihongan’s Nuns in the Early Modern Period (c. 1550 – 1868)

Ethan Bushelle
Ethan Bushelle|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Religion/Philosophy, Harvard University - The Joy of the Dharma: Esoteric Buddhism and the Early Medieval Transformation of Japanese Literature

Shiying Pang
Shiying Pang|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Chinese Buddhism, University of California, Berkeley - Seeking for the Dharma Body: A Preliminary Study on the Notion of Dharmakāya Bodhisattva in Prajñāpāramitā Literature and Its Commentary

Jin kyoung Choi
Jin kyoung Choi|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Buddhist Studies, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Germany - Three Sutras in the Sanskrit Dīrghāgama Manuscript

Cameron Penwell
Cameron Penwell|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Japanese History, University of Chicago - The Emergence of Modern Buddhist Social Work in Twentieth-Century Japan

Frank W. Clements
Frank W. Clements|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania - Northern Networks: The Range and Roles of the Dewa Sanzan Cult in Northern Japan

Jason Protass
Jason Protass|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Religious Studies, Stanford University - Poet-monk Daoqian (1043-1112): Buddhist Monasticism and Social Poetry

Dylan Esler
Dylan Esler|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Oriental Philology, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium - The Lamp for the Eye of Contemplation, the bSam-gtan mig-sgron by gNubs-chen Sangs-rgyas ye-shes: Hermeneutical Study, English Translation and Critical Edition of a Tibetan Buddhist Text

Catherine Prueitt
Catherine Prueitt|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Religion, Emory University - The Evolution of the Buddhist Apoha (Exclusion) Theory of Concept Formation through Inter-Traditional Debate in Tenth and Eleventh Century Kashmir

Philip Carroll Friedrich
Philip Carroll Friedrich|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, South Asia Studies, University of Pennsylvania - Regional Circulations and the Political Remaking of the Buddhasasana in Late-Medieval Sri Lanka

Aleix Ruiz Falqués
Aleix Ruiz Falqués|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, UK - A Firefly in the Bamboo Reed: Chapata Saddhammajotipala and the Intellectual Foundations of Burmese Theravada Buddhism

Douglas M. Gildow
Douglas M. Gildow|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Religion, Princeton University - Educating Chinese Buddhist Monastics in the People's Republic of China: Seminaries, Academia, and the State

Luke Noel Thompson
Luke Noel Thompson|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University - Returning to the Founder: Shakyamuni Devotion in Early Medieval Japan and Japanese Buddhist Conceptions of History

Christina Anne Kilby
Christina Anne Kilby|Abstract

Doctoral Candidate, Religious Studies, University of Virginia - Epistolary Buddhism: Tibetan Letter-Writing Manuals and the Growth of Geluk Buddhism During the Qing