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African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellows


Through fellowship competitions, regional workshops, and peer networking, the African Humanities Program provides support to the humanities in five African countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. The centerpiece of the program is the distribution of fellowships to African scholars in these countries for work on dissertations, research projects, and scholarly manuscripts. Postdoctoral awards are listed below; also see dissertation completion awards.The program is supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Romanus Agianpuye Aboh
Romanus Agianpuye Aboh|Abstract

Lecturer I, English, University of Uyo - Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity Construction in Selected Nigerian Novels

Elizabeth Kyazike
Elizabeth Kyazike|Abstract

Lecturer, History & Political Science, Kyambogo University - Later Stone Age and Iron Age Cultures at Kansyore Island in Western Uganda

Ameh Dennis Akoh
Ameh Dennis Akoh|Abstract

Associate Professor, Theatre Arts, Osun State University - Femi Osofisan: Adaptation as Counter-discourse in Nigerian Drama

Amani Lusekelo
Amani Lusekelo|Abstract

Lecturer, Lingusitics, University of Dar es Salaam - The Documentation of the Culture of the Hunter-gatherer Hadzabe Community in Tanzania

Stephen Ouma Akoth
Stephen Ouma Akoth|Abstract

Research Fellow, Anthropology, University of the Western Cape - “Human Rights Modernities: Practices of Luo Councils of Elders in Contemporary Western Kenya” ?

Edwinus Chrisantus Lyaya
Edwinus Chrisantus Lyaya|Abstract

Lecturer, Archaeology and Heritage, University of Dar es Salaam - Examining the Archaeology of an Overlooked Three-Stage Iron Tradition in Lusaka, Zambia

Adetunji Isiaka Azeez
Adetunji Isiaka Azeez|Abstract

Senior Lecturer, Lagos State University - Beyond Cultural and Legislative Strictures: Gay and Lesbian Identities in Nigerian and Ghanaian Movies.

Mohammed Majeed
Mohammed Majeed|Abstract

Lecturer, Philosophy & Classics, University of Ghana - Reincarnation, Predestination And Moral Responsibility: Critical Issues In Akan Philosophical Thought

Reason Beremauro
Reason Beremauro|Abstract

Anthropology, University of Pretoria - The Realm of Compassion: Humanitarian Interventions and the Everyday Life of Migrants in Johannesburg

Abdullah Mohammed
Abdullah Mohammed|Abstract

Lecturer, Fine & Performing Arts, University of Dar es Salaam - Unveiling Dreams and Nightmares in Hubert Sauper’s Darwin’s Nightmare, 2004

Maria Elizabeth Botha
Maria Elizabeth Botha|Abstract

Literature, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University - Memory, Trauma and Culture in South African Women’s Prison and Exile Life Narratives

Isaac Ndlovu
Isaac Ndlovu|Abstract

Lecturer, English, University of Venda - Traces, Tracks and Trails: Documented and Documenting Bulawayo, 1870 to 1980

Oluwole Michael Coker
Oluwole Michael Coker|Abstract

Lecturer I, English, Obafemi Awolowo University - Navigating the Post-Colony: Engagement Strategies in Post-Independence African Fiction

Amy Niang
Amy Niang|Abstract

Lecturer, Political Science, University of Witwatersrand - An Idea on the Move: History of State Formation in the Voltaic Region, 16th-19th Century

Bernard Michael Dubbeld
Bernard Michael Dubbeld|Abstract

Senior Lecturer, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Stellenbosch University - Unsettled Futures: The Paradoxes of the Post-apartheid Project in the Countryside

Izuchukwu Ernest Nwankwo
Izuchukwu Ernest Nwankwo|Abstract

Lecturer II, English, Gombe State University - Study of Nigeria's Stand-up Comedy as Theatre Using Theories in Anthropology, Theatre and Performance Studies

Olumide Victor Ekanade
Olumide Victor Ekanade|Abstract

Senior Lecturer, History, Redeemer's University - Markets and Social Networks in Nigeria

James Ocita
James Ocita|Abstract

Lecturer, Makerere University - Diasporic Imaginaries: Memory and Negotiation of Belonging in South African and East African Indian Narratives

Nicky Falkof
Nicky Falkof|Abstract

Lecturer, Media Studies, University of Witwatersrand - Moral Panic, Cultural Myth and the Media in Post-apartheid South Africa

Joseph Oduro-Frimpong
Joseph Oduro-Frimpong|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Arts & Sciences, Ashesi University College - Understanding Contemporary Ghanaian Political Culture: The Role of Popular Media Genres?

Lateef Onireti Ibraheem
Lateef Onireti Ibraheem|Abstract

Lecturer I, Arabic, University of Ilorin - The Impact of Islamic Teachings on Arabic Poetry in Ilorin, Nigeria from 1960 to 2010

Jeleel Olasunkanmi Ojuade
Jeleel Olasunkanmi Ojuade|Abstract

Senior Lecturer, Performing Arts, University of Ilorin - Secularizing the Occultic: Social and Religious Trajectories of Bata Performance in South-Western Nigeria

Bimbola Oluwafunlola Idowu-Faith
Bimbola Oluwafunlola Idowu-Faith|Abstract

Lecturer II, English, Bowen University - Experimental Edges and Literary Dimensions in the Multimedia Digital Moments

Azeez Olusola Olaniyan
Azeez Olusola Olaniyan|Abstract

Lecturer I, Political Science, Ekiti State University - Socio-cultural Conception of Dwarfism and the Impacts on Political Participation of Dwarfs in South-western Nigeria

Ebuka Elias Igwebuike
Ebuka Elias Igwebuike|Abstract

Lecturer I, Languages, Covenant University - Metaphor, Identity and Power in Egwu Ekpili: A Critical Metaphor Investigation of Igbo Folk Music

Babajide Olusoji Ololajulo
Babajide Olusoji Ololajulo|Abstract

Lecturer I, Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Ibadan - Cultural Conceptualisation of Posthumous Paternity in Ilupeju-Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria

Bebwa Isingoma
Bebwa Isingoma|Abstract

Lecturer, Languages and Literature, Gulu University - Argument Sructure: A Comparative Study of Triadic Constructions in Rutooro and English

Abayomi Olurotimi Olusegun-Joseph
Abayomi Olurotimi Olusegun-Joseph|Abstract

Lecturer, English, Obafemi Awolowo University - Projecting Afrabia: North Africa and the Afro-Arab Interface in African Literature

Merit Ronald Kabugo
Merit Ronald Kabugo|Abstract

Lecturer, Linguistics, English Language Studies and Communication Skills, Makerere University - Participation and Decision-making in Luganda: A Study of Spoken Discourse at Rural Community Business Meetings

Collen Sabao
Collen Sabao|Abstract

Lecturer, African Languages, Stellenbosch University - Reporting "Controversy" in Zimbabwean Newspapers Cross-Linguistically: A Linguistic Discourse Analysis of "Objectivity" in "Hard" News

Ramona Nkosinathi Kunene-Nicolas
Ramona Nkosinathi Kunene-Nicolas|Abstract

Linguistics, University of Witwatersrand - Cross-Cultural Influences in the Development of Oral Discourse in seSotho and isiZulu