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African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellows


Through fellowship competitions, regional workshops, and peer networking, the African Humanities Program provides support to the humanities in five African countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. The centerpiece of the program is the distribution of fellowships to African scholars in these countries for work on dissertations, research projects, and scholarly manuscripts. Postdoctoral awards are listed below; also see dissertation completion awards.The program is supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Mercy Akrofi-Ansah
Mercy Akrofi-Ansah|Abstract

Research Fellow, Lingusitics, University of Ghana - Language Contact Phenomena in a Multilingual Community: The Case Of Larteh

Sarah Namulondo
Sarah Namulondo|Abstract

Lecturer, Literature, Makerere University - Imagined Realities, Defying Subjects: Voice, Sexuality, and Subversion in African Women's Writing

Abubakar Liman Aliyu
Abubakar Liman Aliyu|Abstract

Lecturer, English & Literacy Studies, Ahmadu Bello University - Islam, Power, and Mass-Mediated Culture in Northern Nigeria

Saudah Namyalo
Saudah Namyalo|Abstract

Lecturer, Linguistics, Makerere University - A Semantic-Conceptual Approach to the Study and Formation of Linguistic Terms in Bantu Languages: A Case of Luganda

Shireen Ally
Shireen Ally|Abstract

Researcher, NRF Chair (Local Histories, Present Realities), University of Witwatersrand - DomestiCity: Racial Anxiety and Fantasy in the Figure of “The Maid”

Edward Nanbigne
Edward Nanbigne|Abstract

Research Fellow, African Literature and Languages, University of Ghana - “Cut me a drink”: A Discourse of Beer Drinking in Northwestern Ghana

Evershed Kwasi Amuzu
Evershed Kwasi Amuzu|Abstract

Lecturer, Linguistics, University of Ghana - The Syntax of English and French Verbs in Ewe-English and Ewe-French Codeswitching

Mathayo Bernard Ndomondo
Mathayo Bernard Ndomondo|Abstract

Lecturer, Fine & Performing Arts, University of Dar es Salaam - Music and HIV/AIDS: The Performance of Gender, Identity, and Power in Tanzania

Wazi Apoh
Wazi Apoh|Abstract

Lecturer, Archeology, University of Ghana - The Archaeology and Histories of the Akpinis, the Germans, and the British at Kpando, Ghana

Stella Nyanzi
Stella Nyanzi|Abstract

Research Fellow, Law, Makerere University - Politicising 'the Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah': Examining Christian Rightists' War Against Homosexuality in Uganda

Reuben Makayiko Chirambo
Reuben Makayiko Chirambo|Abstract

Senior Lecturer, English, University of Cape Town, South Africa - Culture, Hegemony, and Dictatorship in Malawi

Olukoya Joseph Ogen
Olukoya Joseph Ogen|Abstract

Associate Professor, History & International Studies, Osun State University - Forced Migration, Interregional Trade, and the Making of a Yoruba Diaspora in Sierra Leone

Sule Emmanuel Egya
Sule Emmanuel Egya|Abstract

Lecturer, English and Literacy Studies, University of Abuja - The Nationalist Imagination in the Third Generation of Nigerian Poetry in English

Abayomi Victor Okunowo
Abayomi Victor Okunowo|Abstract

Lecturer, English, Tai Solarin University of Education - Osundare's Intrigues of Tongues: Ways of Meaning in an African Bilingual Literary Corpus

Austin Maro Emielu
Austin Maro Emielu|Abstract

Lecturer, Performing Arts, University of Ilorin - A Historical and Ethnographic Study of Guitar Bands among the Edo People of Nigeria

Rasheed Oyewole Olaniyi
Rasheed Oyewole Olaniyi|Abstract

Lecturer, History, University of Ibadan - West African Migrants and Urban Space in Ibadan, Nigeria

Eunice Ibekwe
Eunice Ibekwe|Abstract

Lecturer, Music, Nnamdi Azikiwe University - Collection, Notation, and Analysis of Children’s Folk Songs in Agulu Rural Community of Igbo Culture

Samuel Senayon Olaoluwa
Samuel Senayon Olaoluwa|Abstract

Lecturer, Languages & Linguistics, Osun State University - Enchantments from the Wizard: Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Postcolonial Imaginaries in Wizard of the Crow

Sa'adatu Hassan Liman
Sa'adatu Hassan Liman|Abstract

Lecturer, Religious Studies, Nasarawa State University - Cultural Influences and Women’s Rights in the Application of Shari’ah in Nasarawa and Plateau States

Ozioma Onuzulike
Ozioma Onuzulike|Abstract

Lecturer, Fine & Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka - Modern Nigerian Pottery: A Study of Historical Developments Since 1904

Pascah Mungwini
Pascah Mungwini|Abstract

Lecturer, Development Studies, University of Venda - The Shona Indigenous Philosophy: A Critical Reconstruction

Amidou Jean-Baptiste Sourou
Amidou Jean-Baptiste Sourou|Abstract

Lecturer, Social Sciences, Saint Augustine University of Tanzania - Music, Dance, and Urban Popular Culture in Africa: The Role and Nature of Music in Embodying New Symbolic Forms

Robert Muponde
Robert Muponde|Abstract

Associate Professor, English, University of Witwatersrand - Freaking Nation: Disability and the Differently Bodied in Imaginaries of Culture and Politics in Zimbabwe

Ngozi Nneka Udengwu
Ngozi Nneka Udengwu|Abstract

Senior Lecturer, Theatre and Film Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka - Women in the Traditional Yoruba Travelling Theatre in Nigeria, 1940-1990

Grace Ahingula Musila
Grace Ahingula Musila|Abstract

Lecturer, English, University of Witwatersrand - Kenyan and British Social Imaginaries on Julie Ward's Death in Kenya

Victor Kwabena Yankah
Victor Kwabena Yankah|Abstract

Senior Lecturer, Drama, Film, University of Cape Coast - Ensemble Figure Configuration as a Satiric Strategy in African Drama

Eliah Sibonike Mwaifuge
Eliah Sibonike Mwaifuge|Abstract

Lecturer, Literature, University of Dar es Salaam - Where's Equality?: Ideology and the Politics of Representation in Tanzanian Fiction in English