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ACLS Fellows


The ACLS Fellowship Program awards fellowships to individual scholars working in the humanities and related social sciences. Institutions and individuals contribute to the ACLS Fellowship Program and its endowment, including The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Council's college and university Associates, and former Fellows and individual friends of ACLS.

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Please note: affiliations shown are as of time of award. Please click on fellows' names for current information.

Lila Abu-Lughod
Lila Abu-Lughod|Abstract

Professor, Anthropology, Columbia University - Do Muslim Women Have Rights? An Anthropologist's View of the Debates about Muslim Women's Human Rights in the Context of the "Clash of Civilizations"

Leah Kronenberg
Leah Kronenberg|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Classics, Rutgers University-New Brunswick - Gods and Monsters: Roman Representations of Epicureanism

Enrique Desmond Arias
Enrique Desmond Arias|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Government, City University of New York, John Jay College - Democracy and the Privatization of Violence in Rio de Janeiro: An Ethnographic Study of Politics and Conflict in the Three Neighborhoods

Marjorie Levine-Clark
Marjorie Levine-Clark|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of Colorado Denver - "So Much Honest Poverty": Gender, Work, and Welfare Liability in England, 1870-1930

Janine G. Barchas
Janine G. Barchas|Abstract

Associate Professor, English, University of Texas at Austin - Heroes and Villains of Grubstreet: Edmund Curll, Samuel Richardson, and the Eighteenth-Century Book Trade

Mandana Limbert
Mandana Limbert|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, City University of New York, Queens College - Oman, Zanzibar, and the Politics of Becoming Arab

Giovanna Benadusi
Giovanna Benadusi|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of South Florida - Visions of the Social Order: Women's Last Wills, Notaries, and the State in Baroque Tuscany

Howard P. Louthan
Howard P. Louthan|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of Florida - Making Catholicism Cosmopolitan: Italy and the Transformation of Early Modern Central Europe

Aviva Ben-Ur
Aviva Ben-Ur|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Associate Professor, Judaic and Near Eastern Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst - Jewish Identity in a Slave Society: Suriname, 1660-1863

Liisa Helena Malkki
Liisa Helena Malkki|Abstract

Associate Professor, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Stanford University - Figuring the Human, Moralizing World Order

Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski
Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski|Abstract

Professor, French and Italian, University of Pittsburgh - The Dream World of Philippe de Mézières (1327-1405): Politics and Spirituality in the Late Middle Ages

Stephen A. Marini
Stephen A. Marini|Abstract

Professor, Religion, Wellesley College - American Reformation: Religious Culture in the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1790

Clifford A. Bob
Clifford A. Bob|Abstract

Associate Professor, Political Science, Duquesne University - Globalizing the Right-Wing: Conservative Activism and World Politics

Patchen Markell
Patchen Markell|Abstract

Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Chicago - The Architecture of "The Human Condition"

Susan Leslie Boynton
Susan Leslie Boynton|Abstract

Associate Professor, Music, Columbia University - Silent Music: Medieval Ritual and the Construction of History in Eighteenth-Century Spain

Gary J. Marker
Gary J. Marker|Abstract

Professor, History, State University of New York, Stony Brook - Mazepa and the Preachers: Ukrainian Clergy and the Discourse of “Russia” in the Early Eighteenth Century

William C. Carroll
William C. Carroll|Abstract

Professor, English, Boston University - The Tragedy of Succession: Shakespeare in History

Stephan F. Miescher
Stephan F. Miescher|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of California, Santa Barbara - Akosombo Stories: The Volta River Project, Modernity, and Nationhood in Ghana

Jennifer Cole
Jennifer Cole|Abstract

Associate Professor, Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago - Sex and Salvation: Youth, Families, and the Intimate Politics of Social Change in Madagascar

Maureen C. Miller
Maureen C. Miller|Abstract

Professor, History, University of California, Berkeley - Clerical Clothing and Priestly Authority in Medieval Rome, 800-1200

Lisa H. Cooper
Lisa H. Cooper|Abstract

Assistant Professor, English, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Crafting Narratives: Artisans, Authors, and the Literary Artifact in Late Medieval England

Caitlin E. Murdock
Caitlin E. Murdock|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, California State University, Long Beach - Changing Places: Mobilizing Society, Culture, and Territory in Central Europe’s Borderlands, 1870-1938

Jacob P. Dalton
Jacob P. Dalton|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, Yale University - Liberating Demons: Violence in the Tibetan Assimilation of Buddhism

Julia Killin Murray
Julia Killin Murray|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Professor, Art History, East Asian Studies, and Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Mysteries of Kongzhai: Relic, Representation, and Ritual at a Southern Shrine to Confucius

Penelope Davies
Penelope Davies|Abstract

Associate Professor, Art and Art History, University of Texas at Austin - Art and Persuasion in Republican Rome

Moses Ebe Ochonu
Moses Ebe Ochonu|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Assistant Professor, History, Vanderbilt University - Colonial Meltdown: Northern Nigeria in the Great Depression

Katia Dianina
Katia Dianina|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Assistant Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Virginia - The Rise of a National Culture: The Visual Arts and the Press in Imperial Russia

Shobita Parthasarathy
Shobita Parthasarathy|Abstract

Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Crisis at the Patent Office: Rethinking Governance of Biotechnology in the United States, Europe, and on the Global Stage

Mary Ann Doane
Mary Ann Doane|Abstract

Professor, Modern Culture and Media, Brown University - "Bigger Than Life": The Close-up and Scale in the Cinema

Allyson M. Poska
Allyson M. Poska|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Professor, History, University of Mary Washington - Iberian Regionalism and the Formation of Gender Norms in Colonial Spanish America: an Examination of the Gender Expectations of Galician Immigrants to Buenos Aires During the Eighteenth Century

Benjamin A. Elman
Benjamin A. Elman|Abstract
supported in part by the Frederic E. Wakeman, Jr. Fund for Chinese History

Professor, East Asian Studies and History, Princeton University - The Intellectual Impact of Late Imperial Chinese Classicism, Medicine, and Science in Tokugawa Japan: Reconsidering Sino-Japanese Cultural History, 1700-1850

Corey Robin
Corey Robin|Abstract

Associate Professor, Political Science, City University of New York, Brooklyn College - The Varieties of Counterrevolutionary Experience: An Intellectual History from the English Civil War to the Bush Administration

Melvin Patrick Ely
Melvin Patrick Ely|Abstract

Professor, History, College of William & Mary - A Horrible Intimacy: Whites and Enslaved Blacks in Old Virginia

Ellen B. Rosenman
Ellen B. Rosenman|Abstract

Professor, English, University of Kentucky - Fictions of Belonging: Penny Dreadfuls and the Victorian Working Class Imagination, 1840-1870

Bogac A. Ergene
Bogac A. Ergene|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Associate Professor, History, University of Vermont - Class, Court, and Justice in the Ottoman Empire, 1685-1794

Nerina Rustomji
Nerina Rustomji|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Saint John's University (NY) - The Politics of Female Companions (houris) of Islamic Paradise in Contemporary American, European, and Muslim Discourse

Emily C. Francomano
Emily C. Francomano|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, Georgetown University - Afterlives of the Spanish Sentimental Romances: Transmissions and Translations

Kenneth P. Serbin
Kenneth P. Serbin|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of San Diego - Revolutionary Lives: The Epic of Brazil's Resistance Fighters

Alison F. Frank
Alison F. Frank|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Harvard University - Healthy Environments, Environmental Health: The Relationship between Clean Air, Divine Landscapes, and Economic Development in the European Alps

Evie Shockley
Evie Shockley|Abstract

Assistant Professor, English, Rutgers University-New Brunswick - Renegade Poetics: Black Aesthetics and Formal Innovation in African American Poetry

Joanne B. Freeman
Joanne B. Freeman|Abstract
ACLS/New York Public Library Fellow

Professor, History, Yale University - “The Field of Blood”: The Culture of Congress in Antebellum America

David J. Silverman
David J. Silverman|Abstract
Oscar Handlin/ACLS Fellow

Assistant Professor, History, The George Washington University - Brothertown: American Indians and the Problem of Race

David A. Frick
David A. Frick|Abstract

Professor, Slavic (Affiliated Professor, History), University of California, Berkeley - Kith, Kin, and Neighbors: The Community of Confessions in Seventeenth-Century Vilnius

Josef J. Stern
Josef J. Stern|Abstract

Professor, Philosophy, Committee on Jewish Studies, University of Chicago - Moses Maimonides' Skeptical Philosophy: The Matter and Form of The Guide of the Perplexed

William O. Gardner
William O. Gardner|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures, Swarthmore College - Virtual Japan: Media, Architecture, and Contemporary Fiction

Andrew F. Stewart
Andrew F. Stewart|Abstract

Professor, History of Art and Classics, University of California, Berkeley - The Persian Invasions of Greece and the "Classical Revolution" in Greek Art: A Reappraisal

Alan H. Goldman
Alan H. Goldman|Abstract

Professor, Philosophy, College of William & Mary - Reasons from Within: A Subjectivist Account of Practical Reasons

Paul Henry Studtmann
Paul Henry Studtmann|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Davidson College - The Foundations of Aristotle's Categorial Scheme

Lei Guang
Lei Guang|Abstract

Associate Professor, Political Science, San Diego State University - Justice at the Margin: Aggrieved Citizens, Nervous Officials, and the Making of Petitions as a Political Institution in China

Lisa Carol Summers
Lisa Carol Summers|Abstract

Professor, History, University of Richmond - A Family Politics: Popular Activism in Late Colonial Buganda [Uganda]

Matthew C. Gutmann
Matthew C. Gutmann|Abstract

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Brown University - Iraq Veterans in Dissent, Masculine Loyalties in Contention: Epiphanies among the Troops

Kirsten N. Swinth
Kirsten N. Swinth|Abstract

Associate Professor, History and American Studies, Fordham University - Bringing Home the Bacon and Frying It Up Too: A Cultural History of the Working Mother in America, 1950-2000

Janet Gyatso
Janet Gyatso|Abstract

Professor, Divinity School, Harvard University - Medicine and Religion at the Apogee of the Tibetan Buddhist State

Nhung Tuyet Tran
Nhung Tuyet Tran|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, University of Toronto - Vietnamese Women at the Crossroads of Southeast Asia: Gender, State, and Society in the Early Modern Period

Susan Ashbrook Harvey
Susan Ashbrook Harvey|Abstract

Professor, Religious Studies, Brown University - Teaching Women: Biblical Women and Women's Choirs in Syriac Tradition

Arleen Marcia Tuchman
Arleen Marcia Tuchman|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, Vanderbilt University - Diabetes: A Cultural History

David A. Hollinger
David A. Hollinger|Abstract

Professor, History, University of California, Berkeley - The Children of Missionaries and the American Encounter with the non-European World, 1930-1980

Kenneth P. Winkler
Kenneth P. Winkler|Abstract

Professor, Philosophy, Wellesley College - “All is Revolution in Us”: Personal Identity in Eighteenth-Century British Philosophy

Jon D. Holtzman
Jon D. Holtzman|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Western Michigan University - Killing Your Neighbors: Friendship, Violence, and Identity in Northern Kenya

James Winn
James Winn|Abstract

Professor, English, Boston University - Queen Anne Style: An Interdisciplinary History of British Culture, 1702-1714

Marie A. Kelleher
Marie A. Kelleher|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, California State University, Long Beach - The Measure of Woman: Law and Female Identity in Medieval Spain

Mary N. Woods
Mary N. Woods|Abstract

Professor, Architecture, Cornell University - Women Architects in India and Sri Lanka: Crafting a Modernism for the Nation-State, 1930s to Present

Cynthia J. Klestinec
Cynthia J. Klestinec|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Literature, Communication and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology - Strong Hands, Clean Words: Renaissance Surgery and Its Patients

Leila C. Zenderland
Leila C. Zenderland|Abstract

Professor, American Studies, California State University, Fullerton - Yale's Seminar on the Impact of Culture and Personality and Its Legacies

Paul A. Kramer
Paul A. Kramer|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Migration, Citizenship, and Empire in the Interwar Pacific