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Getty/ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowships in the History of Art


The Getty/ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowships in the History of Art support an academic year of research and/or writing by early career scholars for a project that will make a substantial and original contribution to the understanding of art and its history.

This program is made possible by a generous grant from the Getty Foundation.

Read more about this fellowship program.

Natalie Abell
Natalie Abell|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Classical Studies, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Makers, Maritime Networks, and Markets in the Bronze Age Cyclades, Greece

Jennifer Wyatt Kyker
Jennifer Wyatt Kyker|Abstract

Associate Professor, Musicology, University of Rochester - Sekuru's Stories

Katherine A. Adams
Katherine A. Adams|Abstract

Associate Professor, English, Tulane University - Reconstructing Value: Cotton Culture and Blackness after Emancipation

Stacey A. Langwick
Stacey A. Langwick|Abstract

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Cornell University - A Politics of Habitability: Plants, Sovereignty, and Healing in a Toxic World

Mikaëla M. Adams
Mikaëla M. Adams|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, University of Mississippi - Influenza in Indian Country: Sickness, Suffering, and Survival during the 1918-1919 Pandemic

Michael LeMahieu
Michael LeMahieu|Abstract

Associate Professor, English, Clemson University - Post-54: Reconstructing Civil War Memory in American Literature after Brown

Catherine P. Batza
Catherine P. Batza|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, University of Kansas - AIDS in the Heartland

Wai-yee Li
Wai-yee Li|Abstract
ACLS/Donald J. Munro Centennial Fellow

Professor, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University - The Paradoxes of Things: Life and Art in Late Imperial China

José Luis Bermúdez
José Luis Bermúdez|Abstract

Professor, Philosophy, Texas A&M University - The Power of Frames: Rethinking Models of Rational Decision-Making

Beth Linker
Beth Linker|Abstract

Associate Professor, History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania - Slouch: The Forgotten History of America's Poor Posture Epidemic

Joel Blecher
Joel Blecher|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, The George Washington University - Profit and Prophecy: Islam and the Spice Trade

Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas|Abstract

Associate Professor, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, University of Arizona - The Interpretation of Qur’anic Laws in Yemen

Daphne A. Brooks
Daphne A. Brooks|Abstract

Professor, African American Studies, American Studies, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Theater Studies, Yale University - Nobody or a Nation: Black Women Musicians and the Midcentury Making of Sonic Citizenship

Catriona MacLeod
Catriona MacLeod|Abstract

Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Pennsylvania - Romantic Scraps: Cutouts, Collages, and Inkblots

Daniel Brückenhaus
Daniel Brückenhaus|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Beloit College - Laughing at Imperialism: Ridicule and Satire as Anticolonial Strategies, 1880-1970

Marianne Mason
Marianne Mason|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, James Madison University - Language at the Center of the American Justice System

Erin D. Chapman
Erin D. Chapman|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, The George Washington University - The Truth Demands Its Own Equals: The Art and Activism of Lorraine Hansberry

Elizabeth McHenry
Elizabeth McHenry|Abstract

Associate Professor, English, New York University - Making Negro Literature: Writing, Literary Practice, and African American Authorship, 1896-1910

Thomas Donald Conlan
Thomas Donald Conlan|Abstract

Professor, History and East Asian Studies, Princeton University - Kings in All but Name: The Rise of the Ōuchi, 1350-1465, and Japan’s Age of Yamaguchi, 1466-1551

Janet McIntosh
Janet McIntosh|Abstract

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Brandeis University - Tough Talk, Vulnerable Soldiers: Language Ideology and the Making of United States Service Members

Maria E. Cotera
Maria E. Cotera|Abstract

Associate Professor, American Culture and Women's Studies, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Nuestra Autohistoria: Reflections on the Chicana Archive

Sarah E. McKibben
Sarah E. McKibben|Abstract

Associate Professor, Irish Language and Literature, University of Notre Dame - Tradition Transformed: Bardic Poetry and Patronage in Early Modern Ireland, ca. 1560-1660

Jonathan P. Decter
Jonathan P. Decter|Abstract

Associate Professor, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University - The Jewish Discovery of Religion in the Medieval Middle East

Chelsea Redeker Milbourne
Chelsea Redeker Milbourne|Abstract

Assistant Professor, English, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - The Utility of Wonder: Spectacle, Gender, and Public Science Rhetoric in Eighteenth-Century Great Britain

Michael Jason Degani
Michael Jason Degani|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University - The City Electric: Infrastructure and Ingenuity in Postsocialist Tanzania

Eduardo Moncada
Eduardo Moncada|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Political Science, Barnard College - Social Resistance to Criminal Protection Rackets: An Ethnographic Window into State-Building

Fred M. Donner
Fred M. Donner|Abstract

Professor, Oriental Institute and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago - Arabic Papyri for the Early Islamic Period, Seventh Century

Sharon Ann Murphy
Sharon Ann Murphy|Abstract

Professor, History and Classics, Providence College - Banking on Slavery in the Antebellum South

Susan Helen Ellison
Susan Helen Ellison|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Wellesley College - Betrayed: Politics, Pyramid Schemes, and Bolivian Vernaculars of Fraud

Marguerite Nguyen
Marguerite Nguyen|Abstract

Assistant Professor, English, Wesleyan University - Refugee Temporality: Narratives of War and Displacement in Asian American New Orleans

Allison L. C. Emmerson
Allison L. C. Emmerson|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Classical Studies, Tulane University - Urbanism on the Margins: Life and Death in the Roman Suburb

John Peffer
John Peffer|Abstract

Associate Professor, Visual Arts, Ramapo College of New Jersey - How to Remember Apartheid with Pleasure: Vernacular Photography as a Theater of Identity and Survival in South Africa’s Black Townships

Caitlin A. Fitz
Caitlin A. Fitz|Abstract
Oscar Handlin/ACLS Fellow

Assistant Professor, History, Northwestern University - Mundrucu’s America: How a Black Brazilian Revolutionary Shaped the US Battle Against Jim Crow

Dylan C. Penningroth
Dylan C. Penningroth|Abstract

Professor, History, University of California, Berkeley - Doing Civil Rights: African Americans and Law, 1865-1970

Paul A. Friedland
Paul A. Friedland|Abstract

Professor, History, Cornell University - A World without Race: The Dream of a Universal Republic in the Revolutionary French Caribbean, 1794-1802

Dassia Posner
Dassia Posner|Abstract

Associate Professor, Theatre, Northwestern University - The Moscow Kamerny Theatre: An Artistic History, 1914-1950

Julia Gaffield
Julia Gaffield|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Georgia State University - The Abandoned Faithful: Sovereignty, Diplomacy, and Religious Dominion in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution

Bianca Premo
Bianca Premo|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, Florida International University - The Smallest Subject: Peru’s Youngest Mother in the World and the Rise of Modern Research Ethics

Katja Garloff
Katja Garloff|Abstract

Professor, German and Humanities, Reed College - Making German Jewish Literature New

Keramet Reiter
Keramet Reiter|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law and Society and School of Law, University of California, Irvine - Walking the Line: Transformation of Everyday Life in Long-Term Solitary Confinement

Karl Gerth
Karl Gerth|Abstract
Frederic E. Wakeman, Jr./ACLS Fellow

Professor, History, University of California, San Diego - Unending Capitalism: State Consumerism and the Negation of the Chinese Socialist Revolution

Elizabeth Renker
Elizabeth Renker|Abstract
ACLS/Carl and Betty Pforzheimer Fellow

Professor, English, The Ohio State University - Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt: A Biography

Julian Gill-Peterson
Julian Gill-Peterson|Abstract

Assistant Professor, English, University of Pittsburgh - Gender Underground: A History of Trans DIY

Adam M. Romero
Adam M. Romero|Abstract

Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell - Economic Poisoning: Industrial Waste and the Chemicalization of United States Agriculture, 1860-1945

Jennifer A. Glancy
Jennifer A. Glancy|Abstract

Professor, Religious Studies, Le Moyne College - Ancient Christian Slavery and Twenty-First Century Debates about What Makes Us Human

Daniel Rosenberg
Daniel Rosenberg|Abstract

Professor, Robert D. Clark Honors College, University of Oregon - Data: A Quantitative History

Petra Goedegebuure
Petra Goedegebuure|Abstract

Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago - Expressing Agency and Point of View: The Core Cases in the Ancient Anatolian Languages, 1700-300 BCE

Aaron Sachs
Aaron Sachs|Abstract

Professor, History, Cornell University - Melville and Mumford; or, the Art of Rediscovery in Traumatic Times

Glenda Goodman
Glenda Goodman|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Music, University of Pennsylvania - Strategic Sounds: Native American Music in the Era of Colonial Conquest

Tze-Lan Deborah Sang
Tze-Lan Deborah Sang|Abstract

Professor, Linguistics & Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages, Michigan State University - Taiwan’s Women Documentary Filmmakers: Public Intellectuals and Innovative Artists

Katja Guenther
Katja Guenther|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, Princeton University - The Mirror and the Mind: A History of Self-Recognition in the Sciences of Mind and Brain

Caroline T. Schroeder
Caroline T. Schroeder|Abstract

Professor, Religious Studies, University of the Pacific - Monks and Their Children: Family and Childhood in Late Antique Egyptian Monasticism

Rachel Heiman
Rachel Heiman|Abstract

Associate Professor, Anthropology, The New School - Retrofitting the American Dream: An Ethnography of Suburban Redesign

Sarah-Neel Smith
Sarah-Neel Smith|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Art History, Theory, and Criticism, Maryland Institute College of Art - The Art of Development: Painting, Institutions, and the Modernization of Turkey

Adriana Nadia Helbig
Adriana Nadia Helbig|Abstract

Associate Professor, Music, University of Pittsburgh - Romani Music and Development Aid in Post-Soviet Ukraine

Vivasvan Soni
Vivasvan Soni|Abstract

Associate Professor, English, Northwestern University - Aesthetics and the Crisis of Judgment in the Eighteenth Century

Michael C. Heller
Michael C. Heller|Abstract

Assistant Professor, Music, University of Pittsburgh - Just Beyond Listening: Sound and Affect Outside of the Ear

Nicolas Tackett
Nicolas Tackett|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of California, Berkeley - The Rise of the Chinese Meritocracy: The Transformation of Elite Culture in Tenth-Century China

Katie Hornstein
Katie Hornstein|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History of Art, Dartmouth College - Leonine Encounters in Nineteenth-Century France

Melanie S. Tanielian
Melanie S. Tanielian|Abstract
ACLS/NEH International and Area Studies

Assistant Professor, History, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor - Transnational Lunacy: Madness, Society, and Citizenship in a World at War, 1914-1920

Phillip A. Hough
Phillip A. Hough|Abstract

Associate Professor, Sociology, Florida Atlantic University - Global Markets, Local Labor: Development, Production, and Crisis in Rural Colombia

Cecilia M. Tsu
Cecilia M. Tsu|Abstract

Associate Professor, History, University of California, Davis - Starting Over: Refugee Resettlement in the Reagan Era

Stephen D. Houston
Stephen D. Houston|Abstract

Professor, Anthropology, Brown University - Making, Sizing, Moving: Credit, Monumentality, and Direction in Maya Art and Writing

Stacey Van Vleet
Stacey Van Vleet|Abstract

Visiting Lecturer, History, University of California, Berkeley - Plagues, Precious Pills, and the Politics of Learning in Qing China

Hsuan L. Hsu
Hsuan L. Hsu|Abstract

Professor, English, University of California, Davis - The Smell of Risk: Atmospheric Stratification and the Olfactory Arts

David R. Vishanoff
David R. Vishanoff|Abstract

Associate Professor, Religious Studies Program, University of Oklahoma - Psalms of the Muslim Prophet David: Edition, Translation, and Analysis

Evelyn Hu-Dehart
Evelyn Hu-Dehart|Abstract
ACLS Centennial Fellow in the Dynamics of Place

Professor, History and American Studies, Brown University - Locating the Trans-Pacific in the Trans-Atlantic: Tracing the Course of the Chinese Diaspora through Spain and the Spanish Empire

Charles F. Walker
Charles F. Walker|Abstract

Professor, History, University of California, Davis - Violence and Its Long Shadow: The Shining Path in Peru

Derek Scott Hyra
Derek Scott Hyra|Abstract

Associate Professor, Public Administration and Policy, American University - Urban Renewal and Unrest: Race, Riots, and Democracy

Michelle R. Warren
Michelle R. Warren|Abstract

Professor, Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College - Lives of a Medieval Book in the Digital Dark Ages

Samantha Gayathri Iyer
Samantha Gayathri Iyer|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, Fordham University - Agricultural Superpower: The Politics of Food in India, Egypt, and the United States, 1870s-1970s

Sunny Yang
Sunny Yang|Abstract

Assistant Professor, English, University of Houston - Fictions of Territoriality: Legal and Literary Narratives of Race, Geography, and US Empire

Sara E. Johnson
Sara E. Johnson|Abstract

Associate Professor, Literature, University of California, San Diego - Moreau de Saint-Méry: Print Culture, Slavery and the Multilingual American Enlightenment

Ann Marie Yasin
Ann Marie Yasin|Abstract

Associate Professor, Art History and Classics, University of Southern California - Roman Restoration and Its Late Antique Legacy: On Time and Architecture

Dina R. Khoury
Dina R. Khoury|Abstract

Professor, History, The George Washington University - Who is a Migrant Laborer? Documenting Labor Migration in the Persian Gulf

Emily Zazulia
Emily Zazulia|Abstract
McClary-Walser/ACLS Fellow

Assistant Professor, Music, University of California, Berkeley - Where Sight Meets Sound: The Poetics of Late Medieval Music Writing

Judd Creighton Kinzley
Judd Creighton Kinzley|Abstract

Assistant Professor, History, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Arms for Ores: China and the Making of an American Foreign Aid Regime, 1941-1949

Barbie Zelizer
Barbie Zelizer|Abstract

Professor, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania - How the Cold War Drives the News


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