• 2018-Haskins

    Pauline Yu with 2018 Haskins Prize Lecturer Sally Falk Moore

  • 2014interviews

    In The Humanities Interviews, scholars reflect on the importance of the humanities and their own fields of research and teaching.

  • HEB

    Thirty-one ACLS member societies develop lists of recommended titles for the HEB online collection

ACLS Reports


Annual Report


Auditors' Report


Recommendations for Reinvigorating the Humanities in Africa

The recommendations resulted from a June 2014 forum of leading African academics convened by the ACLS African Humanities Program at the University of South Africa. Read more


Handheld E-Book Readers and Scholarship: Report and Reader Survey

This report, published in 2010, describes a conversion experiment and subsequent reader survey by ACLS Humanities E-Book to assess the viability of using scholarly monographs with handheld e-readers.


ACLS Teagle Foundation Working Group on the Teacher-Scholar

The ACLS Teagle Foundation Working Group issued a report in 2007 on its investigation into the relation between the teacher-scholar model of undergraduate education and student learning outcomes. Read more.


ACLS Commission on Cyberstructure in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The commission issued a final report in 2006 on its investigation into technology and humanistic research. Read more


Social Science Translation Project

The project brought together translators, editors, and social scientists to discuss problems arising from the translation of social-scientific concepts. The guidelines that resulted were published in eight languages in 2006. Read more.