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    2017 Haskins Prize Lecturer Harry G. Frankfurt with Pauline Yu

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    In The Humanities Interviews, scholars reflect on the importance of the humanities and their own fields of research and teaching.

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    Thirty-one ACLS member societies develop lists of recommended titles for the HEB online collection

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The ACLS publications database includes in-house publications, ACLS-sponsored publication projects, and publications resulting from ACLS-funded research. It is not exhaustive, and data entry is ongoing. If you are the author of or know of a volume that you believe ought to be included in this database, contact ACLS Information Systems.

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Books by ACLS Fellows

Yankee Merchants and the Making of the Urban West.
Yankee Merchants and the Making of the Urban West.
Cambridge UP 1991
Jeffrey S. Adler F'88

Modality and Explanatory Reasoning.
Modality and Explanatory Reasoning.
Oxford University Press 2014
Boris Kment F'11