• AM2017_Fellows

    ACLS Fellows Candacy Taylor, Ellen Muehlberger, and Lina Verchery presented their research at the 2017 ACLS Annual Meeting.

  • AHPMeritKagugo

    African Humanities Program Fellow Merit Kabugo studies the discourse of rural farmers. 

  • Buddha

    The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Program in Buddhist Studies is a global competition. 

What ACLS Does Not Fund


ACLS is not able to offer fellowships or grants for the following activities:

  • Undergraduate study;
  • Curricular, pedagogical, or other studies directed primarily toward the improvement of education, or for the preparation or revision of textbooks;
  • Editing and publication of research already in manuscript;
  • Straightforward translation projects;
  • Creative work (e.g., novels, films, performance, or music composition).