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    See the collection of talks by ACLS President Pauline Yu. 

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    The first ACLS Bulletin appeared in October 1920, one year after the organization's founding.

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    The Darwin Correspondence Project was founded by the late Frederick H. Burkhardt, president emeritus of ACLS. 

ACLS Board of Directors and Committees



ACLS Board of Directors

8x8_orange_sq denotes a member of the Board Executive Committee
8x8_yellow_sq denotes a member of the Investment Committee


Name Affiliation Term Ends
James J. O'Donnell, Chair 6x9_orange_yellow_super Arizona State University 2018
Nicola CourtrightVice Chair 6x9_orange_yellow_super Amherst College 2019
Jonathan D. CullerSecretary 6x9_orange_super Cornell University 2017
Nancy J. Vickers, Treasurer 6x9_orange_yellow_super Bryn Mawr College, emeritus 2017
Peter Baldwin University of California, Los Angeles 2020
Donald Brenneis University of California, Santa Cruz 2019
Scott Casperex officio American Antiquarian Society 2017
Terry Castle Stanford University 2019
Ann Fabian Rutgers University-New Brunswick 2017
James Grossmanex officio American Historical Association 2019
William C. Kirby6x9_orange_super Harvard University 2017
Michele Moody-Adams6x9_orange_super Columbia University 2020
Carl Pforzheimer III6x9_orange_yellow_super CHIPCO Asset Management, LLC 2020
Richard J. Powell Duke University 2020
Katherine Rowe Smith College 2018
Teofilo F. Ruiz University of California, Los Angeles 2017
Pauline Yu, ex officio 6x9_orange_yellow_super ACLS   ---

ACLS Investment Committee


Member Affiliation
Heidi Carter Pearlson, Chair Adamas Partners, LLC
Nicola Courtright Amherst College
Lisa Danzig Roundtable Investment Partners
Charlotte V. Kuh National Research Council (retired)
Herbert Mann   TIAA-CREF (retired)
James J. O'Donnell   Arizona State University
Carl Pforzheimer III CHIPCO Asset Management, LLC
Carla H. Skodinski Van Beuren Management, Inc.
Daniel L. Stoddard American Museum of Natural History
Nancy J. Vickers Bryn Mawr College, emeritus
Pauline Yu ACLS

Carla Beal, Advisor

Monticello Associates

Executive Committee of the Delegates

The Committee chair serves ex officio on the ACLS Board of Directors


Name Society Term Ends
Scott Casper, Chair American Antiquarian Society 2017
Barbara Altmann Modern Language Association of America 2018
Vivian Curran American Society of Comparative Law 2019
Henry Richardson American Philosophical Association 2017
Elaine Sisman American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2019
David Vander Meulen Bibliographical Society of America 2018
Pamela Robertson Wojcik Society for Cinema and Media Studies 2018

Executive Committee of the Conference of Executive Officers (CEO)

The Committee chair serves ex officio on the ACLS Board of Directors.


Name Society Term Ends
James Grossman, Chair American Historical Association 2019
Amy Ferrer American Philosophical Association 2017
Donald Harreld Sixteenth Century Society and Conference 2018
Gerard Hauser Rhetoric Society of America 2019
Craig Klafter American Society for Legal History 2017
Lynda Park Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies 2019
Julie Van Camp American Society for Aesthetics 2018