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    The first ACLS Bulletin appeared in October 1920, one year after the organization's founding.

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    ACLS President Pauline Yu addresses the Council at ACLS annual meetings.

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    The Charles Homer Haskins Prize Lecture, delivered by a distinguished humanist, is a highlight of ACLS annual meetings.

ACLS Annual Meeting


The annual meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies brings together delegates and administrative officers of our member societies, representatives of institutional associates and affiliates, and friends of ACLS from foundations, from government agencies, and from across the academic and public humanities. It offers a substantive program of broad interest to the scholarly community that ACLS represents. As constitutionally mandated, the Council meets to hear the Report of the Treasurer, to vote on the annual budget, and to take formal action on societies recommended for ACLS membership. The Conference of Administrative Officers convenes directly after the annual meeting.

The 2014 ACLS Annual Meeting was held in Philadelphia on May 8-10. The annual Charles Homer Haskins Prize Lecture was delivered by Bruno Nettl, professor emeritus of music and anthropology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Other highlights were a presentation by ACLS fellows on their research, ACLS President Pauline Yu's "Report to Council," and a program session on "The Public Face of the Humanities. See 2014 annual meeting media for videos.

The 2015 annual meeting will be held in Philadelphia on May 7-9, with Wendy Doniger, Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago, delivering the Haskins Prize Lecture.


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2015, May 7-9
Sheraton Society Hill Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
Wendy Doniger, Haskins Prize Lecturer

2016, May 5-7
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel,
Arlington, VA